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A Dream Come True

It was a boring Sunday morning. She was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee when she heard a knock at the door.. To her surprise it was a man she had been dreaming about. She knew him for 6 yrs. His gorgeous blue eyes and bald head was just in her mind for days. He was wearing a tight pare of blue jeans, and a flannel sweater. He held something in his hand. It was a bag. He gave her the bag and then told her to put it on.It was sexy langerie. Immediately she put it on. He was watching her. She ran the bath with whipping cream in her hand. He led her to the tub where he ate the whipping cream that was all over her sexy wet body.. Using her fingers she ran the tips up his chest and then to his swollen shaft. She gently rubbed the whipping cream over his shaft and slowly he began to breathe heavy. They were both covered in whipping cream.. They slowly got out of the tub and headed for the bedroom. She threw him on the the bed and began licking the whipping cream off of his body. His breathing became more intense as she licked him up and down. She used the tip of her tongue on his penis which began dripping precum. She slowly moved her lips to his chest and around his nipples where the chest hairs were. She began to lick ever so lightly. His hand was around her wet juicy pussy which was calling for him. Her clit was erect and waiting for an entry. As she licked him and then slowly went back down to direct her attention to his enlarged penis she began to put her lips around the tip of his penis gently sucking the juice in.. His breathing was even more intense as he placed his fingers deep into her wet pussy. More vigorously she sucked in his penis even deeper and deeper until he was just about to cum.. Then she stopped. He was all over her, licking her lips and then directing it towards her pussy. His tongue would rub around her clit and her lips then he placed his tongue deep inside her wet pussy.. She began to grab his hair and then she grabbed his back and began to scracth.. Her hips were moving in an in and outward position just waiting for the exciting moment. She then left scracthes on his back as she began to scream in enjoyment. Slowly he took his penis and teased her around her wet pussy that was just soaked with her cum. She grabbed his penis and began to suck on it more intensly.. He began to breathe more intensly again.. Then when he was ready to cum she stopped again.. Finally she grabbed his penis and lightly inserted it in her wet pussy that has been waiting now for over a half an hour. He kissed her sweet lips and then she began to tongue him. Riding him up and down with her body in perfect motion.. He was just so horny he began to grabbed her tits and licked them while she rode him.. She switch postions and then rode him backwards. He held her ass and guided it up and down even faster. He can feel his penis just starting to pulsate.. Her pussy was just dripping now all over his balls which began to pulsate as well.. He was just breathing so deeply now.. She was just a riding him up and down and slowly coming to a stop where she rocked back and forth on his penis. Then finally a loud scream came from her and his chest got scratched and his penis became drenched again.. With this in mind she decided to let him go on top.. He began to slowly move and just began to go deeper and deeper into her wet pussy where he found her G-spot and he began to pump slowly into this spot. He began to open his mouth and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as they both moaned and began to cum together. His penis let out this big load. His penis was sensitivie now but still pulsating with enjoyment. His mouth was caressing her sweet tits that were the size of his hand.. He grabbed her and then began to kiss her and caress her again.. She then pushed him off of her and began to caress his penis once more.. He was now just getting really horny and wanting to fuck her again. She licked his penis again and again and grabbed the tip and slowly took it into her mouth then she let go and went on top of him once more where she was now pumping with all her might and she was just going crazy on him.. Moving so fast that he could not catch up.. He could feel the orgrasm starting to build again. She did not slow down but she moved in a motion that just made both of them crazy for eachother.. He was now caressing her breasts and suckling them like a new born baby.. He tongue and lips were all over his neck and ears. He was just getting so close now when she got off of him and began to suckle on his penis which has begun to pulsate needing to let go.. She finally sucked him one last time when he began to moan. she began to swallow his load and then licked his penis clean.. Then they both rolled over and curled up together where they fell asleep…

First Time

I woke up to the sun just rising over the mountains. The warm rays of the sun sifting through the window shades. I was lying on my back watching, when all of sudden you moved. You were turning onto your back. And as you moved the covers slipped down off your breasts exposing them.Your arms were above your head forcing your breasts to jut upwards. Your nipples seemed like they were seeking the warm rays of the sunshine coming through the window.I leaned over your still sleeping body. My mouth was near a nipple. I brought my mouth close to your extended nipple and touch it lightly with my tongue. Your body responded by bringing your nipple closer to my wet tongue. My lips parted and I moved my mouth softly over your nipple, sucking it into my mouth. My hand was moving slowly under the covers towards your body. When my hand came into contact with your skin, it felt warm and soft. I moved my hand over your tummy. I could feel your body tremor as I ran my fingers over you. My fingers slowly moved over you belly button towards your privates. My fingers came into contact with the fine hairs leading to your pussy. As I moved my hand down, your legs started to move apart. Knowing this my cock started to grow harder. I knew that you were waiting for my fingers to explore your moist pussy. My mouth still on your tit gently sucking and biting your nipple, you let out a soft moan. I moved my hand closer to your pussy feeling the heat that it was producing. As my fingers came into contact with your pussy, your hips pushed upwards causing my middle too roughly rub your already hard clit. My finger slipped past your clit and slid right between your pussy lips. Feeling the moistness flowing out of you. I forced my finger into your fuck-hole. Feeling your pussy muscles trying to pull at my finger.You brought one your arms down pushing the covers off us. Our bodies bathe in the morning sun.Your hand explored down my body stopping to rub my nipple and pinch it.You reached further down, your hand softly touching my stomach. When you reach my cock you squeeze it gently causing alittle pre-cum to escape out my pee hole. Taking your thumb you rubbed the head of my cock covering it with my white cream. I forced my finger deeper into your cunt. Using my thumb I rubbed your clit, causing you to moan. Letting your nipple escape from my mouth I looked into your eyes. Your mouth open and your eyes transfixed on mine you let loose with a groan. Your cunt was sucking my finger in deeper. You squeeze my cock hard as you came. Taking my cock and pulling on it, you screamed at me to fuck you. You pulled me on top of you and raised your legs bringing them up and over my shoulders. Taking your hands you reached down and grabbed my ass and pulled me towards you. My cock came towards your cunt and missed slipping in between the lips. You forced my cock head against your clit rubbing it hard. You started to shake and grunt. I could feel your cunt shoot your cum juices over my cock and balls.Pulling back away from you. I reach down and grabbed my cock and aimed it towards your juicing cunt. You raised up your hips waiting for my cock to enter you. As I push forward you rose to meet me. I looked into your eyes. All of a sudden a surprised look and a slight hint of pain came over your face. I felt my cock enter you, yet something felt different. The tightness of your cunt seemed like I was fucking you for the first time. I sank my cock to the hilt feeling my balls slap against your ass. You let loose with a grunt and grabbed me to hold me still. I looked at you wondering why you had stopped me. Still thinking I was buried deep in your cunt. A tear formed at the corner of your eye. Looking at you I could see that you were in pain. I knew that you loved me to fuck you hard and all. I could not figure out how come you were in pain and crying. I pulled up and away from you, your hands still having a death grip on my ass. Looking at you I asked what was wrong. You said, ? I?ve never been fucked there before?. ?Fucked where?? I thought. You looked at me and said, ?we?ve never done this before?. I could feel you squeezing my cock and it hit me. My cock was in your ass. I started to pull away.. you kept me from pulling out. It was kinky knowing that it felt so damn hot and tight in your ass. My cock started to grow harder than ever. You could feel it and said, ? Start moving slowly?. It felt like a vise-grip on my cock. So fucking tight. Your eyes rolled back into head. Then you groan and pulled harder into you. You relaxed your grip on my ass and let go. We looked into each other?s eyes. I extended my arms lifting my upper body off of you. You legs still over my shoulders, we both looked down at where our bodies meet. I could see your cunt lips swollen and open. Just below that I could see where my cock was buried in your ass. You brought your hand to your cunt and buried two fingers deep. I could feel your fingers in your cunt. You said to me,? start fucking my ass?. As I moved out then back in, you squealed with what sounded like delight. You started to rub your clit harder, causing you to moan. You were on the verge of cumming. Your asshole was squeezing my cock harder. Looking at eachother we knew that neither one of us were going to last much longer. I pulled almost all the way out then slammed my hard cock back into your ass. Sweat was building up causing both our bodies to glisten in the morning sunlight. Forcing my cock harder and harder in and out of your ass. You rose up to meet my every thrust. I could feel my cum start it?s journey from my balls to shoot deep in your bowels. Both of us were breathing heavy and hard. Suddenly we both stopped moving. Your body was trembling with your orgasm. Your ass was squeezing my cock milking my seed out and into your depths. My cock started to spasm shooting my hot cum deep in your ass. You could feel my cock releasing its load and your body reacted by shaking and trembling.Once we were done. My cock was still hard and embedded in your ass we kissed.

Luckiest Man Alive

Ryan was 22 years old and still a virgin it was beginning to affect his work and social life.Every hot piece of ass that went through the front door of the store made his cock hard in seconds and when it did peole noticed even though he had an impressive size of eight inches it still was embarressing when his coworkers noticed and laughed at him about it.This had gone on for eight months and was driving him mad until the day she came in. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life and all the other female customers couldn&quot..t compare in his eyes long blond hair blue eyes legs that never ended and a petite chest she was perfect in every way and he knew he&quot..d never have a chance in hell with her. As he was bagging her grocieries a thousand thoughts flowed through his head but the main one was how to hide his massive erection trying to push out of his pants. She asked him to take out her cart for her with her beautiful voice he knew he was screwed, his coworkers were already trying to hide smirks, and he knew she&quot..d notice eventually. The whole time he was putting the bags in her trunk he could feel her watching his every move he was so surprised when she didn&quot..t say anything to him she just handed him a tip after saying thank you. His day went by quickly and he was lucky that none of his coworkers said anything. When he got home he cleaned out his pocket to count his tips and was surprised to find a name and number folded in the five she had handed him her name was Britney he quickly called her and was furtherly surprised and puzzled when she told him to wait at his wwork for an hour after closing. The next day went by with agonizing slowness finally it was over and to her word she was there an hour later she told him to get in the car so he did she asked him as they were driving how he liked his work he told her it was all right. How would you like a job with better pay and lots of perks Britney asked Ryan told her he would love to but no one else will hire him. She said she she&quot..ll hire him. I have one question though.Yes Ryan what do you want to know? What will I be doing for you? You&quot..ll find out later she said with a slight smirk.Well? do you want the job?I&quot..ll only ask once. Okay I hope I won&quot..t regret this though. Ten Minuteslater at her house she hands him a drink. He downs it with out even tasteing. I hope your a good drinker she says to him. I think I can hold my own he responds. A half hour and several drinks later she notices hes quite drunk. Ok I think we&quot..ll get down to buisiness now. she starts taking off his shirt and he gets scared. What are you doing?!he asks. Oh Didn&quot..t I tell you Britney says with mock surprise your going to be my new prostitute on the streets but first I got to test you out and see how well you&quot..ll do for my clientell. B..B…B…But you cant! yes i can and will. No I wont let you!And why not? you just cant thats why! Most men would die to be in your position! Your not afraid are you?O my god you are! theres only one way you could be afraid! Your a virgin aren&quot..t you?! No!I mean yes..ooh I dont know! Just trust me Ryan you&quot..ll have fun I promise! Well… ok i guess.Britney took off her shirt revealling a low cut bra and then her skirt with a matching black thing.Oh your so beautiful Ryan whispered. Well thank you now lets see what you& been hiding before he could protest she had his pants and underwear off and had his rock hard penis in her hand. I knew it the other day at the store I was right you do have a huge cock.By then he was blushing but all the blood left his face when she lowered her head and slid his penis in her mouth. He never knew it could be like this the thought alone made him ache with lust and he lost every fear he had he wripped off her bra exposing her perfect breasts and began to massage the nipples till they were hard and crisp by then the hummer she was giveing him drove him over the edge he pulled her off him and bent her over her coffee table Britney looked behind her and saw the look in his eye she licked her lips then with all the sensuality a woman can have told him to fuck the hell out of her. That drove him over the edge he plunged his thobbing cock deep in her beautiful pussy she bucked and moaned like a true whore as he repeatedly thrusted his cock in her. Her pussy clamped on his cock as she had a giant orgasm with tha he blew his load in her tight wet snatch and passed out where he was. He woke up in the morning to find an envelope and a letter she told him to call her that night and asked how he liked his new job he quickly opened the envelope to find close to two hundred dollars in it. He knew then that he was the luckiest man alive.

To Me, I was Just as much at fault.

We were farmers of the hardcore variety, everyone in our family worked the 1250 acres we had under our charge. We are supporters of wildlife and make sure to leave strips for them to feed on winter and summer. Dad plants wild rice in our wet spots to make water fowl feeding as nutritious as we can for 600.00 per year. I had been doing the Farm BOOKS for us since My first computer class in fifth grade.I sat up Quicken and MONEY the put Agr-Com on to make it fast to due our SMALL operation. When I was 14 I filed our income taxes with a local Accountant doing a audit for the bank on my work. He ask if I was in collage or had a practice of my own because I had used little known Systems to make our taxes very livable. He even initialed it to say he would go to an audit with us if the IRS or Farm Finance people were to call us up on it. So when I say we had a working farm you can bank on it. I had been the Tractor operator of an old 89 johnDeere For three years and it was well maintained because I did it myself except the welding and my brother Wes had the Knack for it like few men have. Dad was quick to tell them Each of our High points so the WAGES we were paid were justified. I paid taxes on 12,000 in 90 when I was 12 years old and dad told me I was underpaid. Wes at 15 recived 18,000 for his share. Terrance at 12 was paid 10,000 but dad told him to look for a town job if he didn&quot..t get with the program learn to enjoy his work like we did. It was a labor of love For sure,Mom ran Tractor or errends 50 hours a week. I did books and feed cattle or Farmed 40 hours plus showed our stock in Compition in the spring and fall. Wes did other peoples welding and ran the cattle operation He also drove the Simi-tractor for grain harvest and to deliver cattle to market weekly. We sold three Cow/calf pairs each week from april to November.96 cows with calves, ran us money, for food and gasoline, as well as insurance and 100 dollars a week GOOF OFF money. each of us drew numbers fo the cash 5 numbers in a hat if the extra got it we put in the vacation KITTY to use for national western stock show In Denver Each Winter. it wasn,t unfair each loser got a ten and the winner got 70.00. Most likely the winner took the family out to BERNIES BURGERS FOR A crawdad snappin or catfish fry family style.It cost 31.86 either way and had for 8 years. Dad ask him once how he could do it for that price He just told him It was good business to have repeat customers and this was better than explaining a price hike of fifty cents to three hundred people. Dad always tipped the wait and cook 5 bucks each and Bernie always got all the sweet corn he could handle when our field corn hit the peak of roasting ear picking. For two weeks we hauled in a pickup bed full every day but sunday for him to sell or pack and put on the menu al year. None of us would take his money offered each trip. I was winner of the POT on my 14 th birthday week I&quot..d had a school party and a grandparent party and a neighbor hood party with my young boy and girl friends from 4H and Saddle club And school , anyone I wanted to invite. That major event was on a Friday night sober people jumping in the horse tank with the watermellons and beer. Hay bale throwing contests to impress us girls with and even a wet wranglers contest to show us their Thght little cowboy bottums. We were given big gulp cups of ice water to walk down a line of thirty men and boys deciding who we wanted to make frosty and then look at their behinds. It was something to do it always ended up a wet blouse fight with ICE down our fronts. An action and reaction, Which we acted like was terrible no matter how much we enjoyed it. I liked to make them GO IN AFTER their ice and take it out of my bra. One night I put five cubes down myself then made Hec. burke go get it with his teeth. He thought his glass of icetea was responsible for it. Then I put ice behind his buckel and it was me who had to go get it with my hand I must admit I fiddled around with him quit a bit enough to get it up to his top snap and out over the belt buckel before an Adult approached, we stopped and turned away.but Sandy Fireddo was still looking at it as they walked out the back door to the makeout post behind the Dumpster.She came back in five minuets later and put something in her purse I thought it was her panties. She didn&quot..t speak to Hec the rest of the evening. He acted like he wanted to say things to her but wouldn&quot..t go near her.I was not a virgin that&quot..s mute. I had a trip to Springfield with my brothers for a Cow show. We stayed in a cheap motel, but it had a pool and a patio entrance to our room. I wasn&quot..t expecting to be around a pool so, no swim wear. I tried it in chopped off jeans like the boys did but it was to raspy on my privates and made me sore in ten minuets. It was 11..30 no body around and I was in a daisyflowered bra for a top anyway so the daisy panties would look like swimwear from ten feet away, The boys chided me into it and I was having a ball romping with them in the shallow end but they got me into deep water and I got scared as heck. I lashed out seriously frightened. They got me back to shallow water crying and held me in a sister sandwich which happened often at home but with clothes on This time thier erect penis&quot.. crossed in front of my sinsetive lower tummy the bounced on my clit hood with a head probing into my pubes I turned to allow both to go between my legs and even up the crease of my loose panties, I kissed Wes deep with my tongue in action from the lip touch.I reached around to Terrances neck to bring him into the kissing also but he was shy, He also didn&quot..t kiss girls yet.I changed that in ten minuets I had him making out like a collage sophomore. Wes was content to let his hard on sea saw back and forth through my legs from the back as Ter and I let him into the front outside my unders.Wes was the first inside by accident he drew out to far and I leand forward then slammed back on him it was inside me so far and fast I could&quot..nt have stopped it if I wanted to and I def&quot..fine&quot..nate& did not want it stopped. I was frozen to TER&quot..s lips in a french pose but it was wes&quot.. hands on my breasts where my bra should have been but it was laying on the cement walk to our room. Ter&quot.. face was going to my titties when the first orgasm slammed me into hyper boil Shrilly screaching, I wasn&quot..t comming down like I did on my own This was going to be a good one to write in my ledger. Ter. backed off, to string his sperm up my tummy and let the water carry the dropletts on to my chest and nipples. Wes was holding out for more time , He couldnt have escsped my hold on him. I had my hand spaced between us so he would&quot..nt go in all the way again .I loved it but couldn&quot..t take it all yet. We parted to look around there in the shadows to find we were being watchedbut it didn&quot..t matter now we walked to our room naked and giggled into bed to play all night doing everything we could think of or copy from the adult xxxx videos we paid 5.00 for at the counter. I got the most from being cunnilingus reciver, But I enjoyed everything we did. Even the penatration of my rectum when TER was trying to get in me with WES already in half way, but that was a bust. I jerked and jammed back to him it forced it&quot..s way into me aboy half way I could still reach around and feel a lot of space between us. I was into a shower of stars orgasm within a few slow strokes. We didn&quot..t smoke, but Wes went out on the patio and bummed three from the same old man,sitting at the poolside table. Wes noticed we did&quot..t close our drapes when we came in and the flouresent glare on the glass made it impossible to see out of. We did that for Two nights and even sneaked back in to do it four or five times that day. I was going like a stuck hog and nither one of them cared if it got on them or in their mouths or mine . We showered together often ,with it leading to horse play, then standing up in the shower they rotated on me, leaning head first agains

t the plastic wall. No one cared which hole they stuck whatever organ into, for two hours we kept it up .When we finally sagged to the floor we were a pruned up mess. our skin wrinkled to ages old look of deamons.I shook so bad I couldn&quot..t get me hait Barrets in my hair.we slepy for ten hours straight and woke up monday morning with Sore Organs and another days rent to pay we thought. We told at the Desk by a lady in shiniy satin peddle pusher. with purple you get eggroll. She raved on about us for fifteen& fuckin kids find someplace else to go nextime&quot.. .I had a man check out after only a hot bath. Then Mr Gutsbe ask me the law on both, being preg or having sex with my blood kin&quot… No. This State was not one. He managed to say you were all frolicking in my pool.&quot.. Now I was ready for BIG Game in the social system.We all spoke at the same instant, &quot..Thank You for the invite I would love to stay and chat but &quot..Uncle dad&quot.. and &quot..Cousin mom&quot.. are a waiting in the limo this morning. So what ever young hector could comeup with was probably not going to surprise us. I hadn&quot..t had a lover since a weekend three years ago It was wWes and I by our selves to a friends First time Grand champion Ribbon sale. I layed my feet in his lap as he drove and he raised my skirt tail. I moved my toes we laughed as he flipped my skirt over my head and procceded to handle me so good I &quot..came&quot.. four times without stopping, then I beged for mercey and a rematch . We went to the show then to our pre-reserved room it was the same motel.even the same Room.

My first experience

My first experience was rather not what I had in mind but otherwise fulfilling. I live in a small town with a population of about ten thousand and almost everyone knows everybody.School was tough for me and that is why I was given extra tuition after regular school hours by a Mrs B who live two blocks from our house. She is a kind woman, soft spoken and well mannered. She is a tall woman too, not fat, huge boobs and looks kinda of like Mimi Rogers (the actress). Anyway, Mrs B&quot..s children are all grown up and studying in College, so she is all alone during the day time.I was about fourteen then when I started having classes with her and it usually last about an hour or so. Being a horny teenager, I constantly has a hard on just looking at any female form, especially Mrs B. huge boobs eventhough she might be well dress. One afternoon, while having lessons with her, she accidentally brush her breast onto my shoulder when she was about to get up from her chair. It didn&quot..t took me more than a minute before I was stimulated. It was hard to hide the tent developing in my trousers. When Mrs B. got back she must have noticed it but pretend nothing happened I guess. However, the musk of my precum was overwhelming and the smell of sex was quite noticable. I was embarassed as hell.Mrs B looks kind of nervous too and I probably think she was wondering what can she do. We continue with the lesson until she finally broke the ice and asked me whether I would like to use the bathroom. I didn&quot..t know what to say all of a sudden. At that time I remember my cheeks were burning and she continue and said its perfectly alright to go and she wouldn&quot..t look. I finally said I didn&quot..t know what to do. What I meant was I was sorry for causing the situation and didn&quot..t know what I have to do. However, she thought that I didn&quot..t know how to relieve myself in the bathroom. So after a minute of silence between us, she told me to follow her and took my hand and lead me to the bathroom.Once in there, she gave a slight smile and told me to take off my pants. My hands was trembling then and when I finally took my pants and underwear off, my penis sprang out and she murmurred &quot.. My God!&quot..She slowly reach out and took my penis with her hands and slowly gave me a hand job. It was the most memorable experience I had. I wasn&quot..t able to come at first because I think I was a little afraid of what was happening and thus she began to do it faster and squeeze my penis a little harder. While doing that I was rocking back and forth and need to balance myself. So I put out my hands and place it on her shoulders. As she was bending slightly forward I was looking down her blouse and saw her cleavage. She looked up and me and knew that as well.She stopped for a while, straighten herself and we were facing each other now. Slowly she move her hands and began to unbutton her blouse for me. I was breathing heavyly now and stroking myself. Once she had her blouse off, she put her hands behind her back, undid her bra and for the first time I was seeing a woman breast.It was huge and nice. She twitch her nipple a little and told me to suck them which I did. Mrs B the kind soft spoken woman is horny right there and then. I suck on her nipples, bite them slightly and kiss all over her big boobs while she was maoning and holding my head pushing them close to her chest. By this time I was caressing her chest and she was taking off her skirt. Once she was completely naked she lay down on the bathroom floor and told me to lay on top of her. Once I did that she took my penis with her right hand and position it at the opening of her vagina. In a soft horny voice I remember she said,&quot..Tim push your pecker into my hole would you?&quot.. I wasted no time and immediately immerse my six inch throbbing pecker into her hole. She gave out a loud moan and told me to push it in and out as fast as I could. I did as I was told and was really turn on by the warmth of her vagina and the pressure she was exerting onto my penis. I was a stud, I was giving it to her and she was maoning. It was as if human nature that I knew what to do once it started. I lowered my head onto her nipples sucking them and caressing her breast which drive her carzy and moan louder. After a good while I couldn&quot..t hold back anymore and told her I am cumming. She didn&quot..t let go off me but told me to push it faster and soon I came and came in her vagina.It was fantastic. We laid there for a while and when we finally got back to reality I surprise myself by saying thank you to her. She broke into a smile and told me this is our little secret. After that incident my afternoon with Mrs B was never the same again. I have a fulfilling sexual life. She was the first to give me a blow job, let me come in her mouth, and fuck her in the ass hole which was not the norm at that time. And I was the first to eat her vagina which Mrs. B have never experience before and tasted the first sweet cunt juice. We continue with our affairs until right before I left for College when she had to moved to Florida with Mr B. I will always remember this because I knew how to really please a woman in my later life which makes me kinda of popular with the women if you know what I mean.

Not an Innocent Ride Home

&quot..I&quot..m tired. I wanna go home and…do stuff.&quot.. Laura grinned, her boyfriend Jace obviously drunk did nothing but slump to the ground looking in confusion. &quot..Okay…I&quot..ll drive.&quot.. Jace slurred, Laura shook her head. Jace was 16 and able to drive but he was drunk, Laura was barely even 15 which cuts her chances down even more. &quot..What am I gonna do?&quot.. Laura murmured to herself, surprisingly, someone replied. &quot..Catch a ride with me.&quot.. Robin said, flicking at Laura straight brown hair, she glared into Laura&quot..s beautiful brown eyes and smiled as she scanned Laura&quot..s fit body. Laura&quot..s eyes were entranced at Robin, the tall dark haired, green eyed Senior. Laura quickly snapped out of her trance and nodded, Robin smiled and took ahold of Laura&quot..s hand. Laura grabbed Jace&quot..s before she was dragged out the door. Jace had held his party in an abandoned warehouse but the host was now leaving, someone new took over right away. Jace shrugged and stumbled alongside of Laura. By the time Laura and Jace reached Robin&quot..s car, Jace was unconcious. Robin giggled and lugged him into the back seat. She unlocked the passenger side and let Laura in. Laura turned to her once Robin started the engine.&quot..Thanks for your help.&quot..&quot..No problem.&quot..&quot..What can I do for you?&quot.. Laura always felt guilty after someone does something for her, she always needed to return the favor.&quot..I&quot..m sure you&quot..ll repay soon.&quot..Robin smiled and turned right. Robin was very popular and attended many partied, Robin happened to be at Laura&quot..s birthday party and knew where she was going.&quot..Do you know where you& going?&quot.. Laura asked,&quot..Yeah, I went to your birthday party.&quot..&quot..Oh yeah…I remember.&quot..Robin smiled and set a hand on Laura&quot..s thigh, Laura did nothing, not knowing how to react. A loud abrubt snore escaped Jace&quot..s throat, Robin giggled.&quot..Your boyfriend?&quot..&quot..Yeah…&quot.. Laura&quot..s voice trailed off as Robin moved her hand up Laura&quot..s thigh. Laura remained still and acted as if nothing is happening, then Robin made and unexpected turn to the left instead of the right. Laura looked in confusion. Robin turned into Jace&quot..s driveway a moment later and dragged him to the front door. Laura sat doing nothing. Jace&quot..s father answered,&quot..Your son is drunk and he is unconcious.&quot.. Robin stated, Jace&quot..s father nodded and said a brief thanks as he dragged Jace in. Robin heard Jace&quot..s father say,&quot..Wait till he wakes up, he&quot..s really gonna get it.&quot..Robin smiled and hopped into the car and backed out. Laura looked in confusion as Robin drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood. Robin parked into the driveway and turned off the engine, the house was empty and dark. &quot..Um…&quot.. Laura began to say, Robin put a finger on Laura&quot..s lips and whispered close into her ear,&quot..Are you a virgin?&quot..&quot..Y-yes…&quot.. Laura said, a bit scared.&quot..Straight?&quot.. Laura nodded, biting her bottom lip.&quot..I&quot..ll change that.&quot.. Laura looked at Robin in confusion and during that moment Robin pressed her soft lips onto Laura&quot..s. Laura faught at first but relaxed as the kiss became nice. It was nicer than Jace&quot..s, but Laura refused to give in. Laura pushed Robin back,&quot..Wait…but i&quot..m not like that.&quot.. Robin shook her head and took Laura by the hands and pulled her out of the car. She unlocked the front door and pulled Laura in. Laura gave little resistance, reluctant yet curious. Laura ended up in Robin&quot..s bedroom shut and locked. &quot..Noone&quot..s gonna be home for the whole weekend.&quot.. Robin said grinning, Laura backed towards the door. Robin set her hands on Laura&quot..s waist and pulled Laura towards herself. Laura was fit but she was weak, Robin was in better shape, stronger than Laura. Yet Laura was so curious, she thought it over. Her first time should not be with another female. She started to struggle. &quot..I thought you&quot..d go along but I guess I&quot..ll have to go with more drastic actions.&quot.. Laura looked up in shock, she had no idea what Robin would do. Robin had a very long cord in her hands now, Laura backed away towards the door once again. But Robin was quicker, she pushed Laura slowly back to the bed and sat Laura down, Laura again was not very resistant. She didn&quot..t want to get hurt at all, she was sure Robin wouldn&quot..t hesitate to and she wouldn&quot..t actually be losing her virginity would she? She pondered, at least she wouldn&quot..t be in pain because a big cock wouldn&quot..t be penetrating her. How wrong she was. Robin stripped down to nothing, noticing less resistance, she threw the cord onto the bed, she sat in Laura&quot..s lap and let her shaved smooth cunt rest on Laura&quot..s. Laura could feel it from under her silk skirt. Laura began to get arroused, Robin could sense it too. She smiled and started taking off Laura&quot..s spaghetti strap, then she kissed Laura, pushing her tongue into Laura&quot..s mouth. Laura started to push away but Robin distracted her, unclipping Laura&quot..s bra and pushing her cunt a little more into Laura&quot..s. Robin pushed Laura down into a lying position and kissed down Laura&quot..s neck. Laura whimpered, trying to resist but found herself enjoying the sensation. Robin moved past Laura&quot..s C cupped tits, resisting the urge at the moment. She slid the skirt down Laura&quot..s long tanned legs and threw it on the floor. She kissed Laura&quot..s cunt, Laura&quot..s panties were soaking wet now. Laura decided to go along, thinkin that she wasn&quot..t going to be penetrated. Robin pulled the panties off and let them fall to the ground, she kissed Laura&quot..s cunt again, feeling the smoothness on her lips, then she slid her tongue in and out then licked Laura&quot..s clit. Laura&quot..s head pushed back into the pillow with pleasure, she moaned and felt her nipples getting hard. Robin moved up to Laura&quot..s tits, letting one of her own D cupped tit brush by Laura&quot..s clit. Laura let a gasp escape her lips when Robin took in her left nipple and gently nipped. Then the nipping became sucking and licking, Robin&quot..s tongue swirled around Laura&quot..s nipple. Laura felt her orgasm approaching quickly, she was so close until Robin stopped. Laura&quot..s eyes begged for Robin to finish and Robin could see that. Robin smiled and moved back down to Laura&quot..s clit. &quot..Close your eyes.&quot.. Robin demanded then inserted a finger in, Laura moaned gently, then the second and third finger entered. Laura winced, the most she ever did was two. She relaxed as it felt better, Robin moved her fingers gently in and out, sliding easily from her hole. Laura was going to cum any moment when a sudden halt came. Laura began to open her eyes when all of a sudden, Robin rammed her fist into Laura. Laura screamed in pain, her vagina walls were tightening around Robin&quot..s fist, Robin smiled, loving Laura&quot..s suffering. Laura then felt pleasure and relaxed but then her screaming came once again as a hard orgasm came. Laura shot a load of cum onto Robin&quot..s hand as Robin pulled out. Laura panting and sweating flipped onto her side. Thinking about what had just happened, her first time was the best orgasm she had ever had. Before she could get back up, Robin was on her again,&quot..Your turn.&quot.. Robin said. Laura panted shook her head…&quot..It hurts so much.&quot.. Laura said, Robin looked down and giggled,&quot..I&quot..m sorry.&quot.. And she gave Laura a kiss, trying to comfort her. Laura returned the favor doing what Robin had been doing, Robin could handle the fist obviously. When they were done and dressed, Robin put an arm around Laura&quot..s waist.&quot..You like?&quot.. Laura thought it through, &quot..I think I&quot..m bisexual.&quot.. that was all Laura could say through the rest of the night.

Sexy Village

Last summer I finally talked my mom into letting me and Dave go to Africa for the vacation. When we arrived there we found there was little we could do. Sure there was the beach but it was all littered and full of stones. After four days I was feeling sorry I had taken the trip. One day I and Dave decided we would go and see all the day trips available. Well we looked around, but what looked good had a nice price tag on it. Finally Dave found a brochure. He read aloud, ?One day stay in a native village. Ten dollars a person, including food, transport and everything else.??What do they mean by other stuff???I don?t know, but we could spend a night for a change. The price is slightly higher than the hotel rate.?So the next day we got on the bus. It stopped at several hotels. As we rode I felt something strange was in the atmosphere. There were some ten people in the bus, and all men, no couples. I mentioned it to Dave but he didn?t take much notice. While we were on the road I made acquaintance with a guy from Canada, named Kevin. When we got off I looked around. The place wasn?t of much interest to me. There were huts all over. People were dressed in old rags. ?So what?s so good about this place,? I asked Kevin.?Don?t you know???Nope.??You mean you came here not knowing what the whole thing?s about???No, what is it about???The women.? ?What do you mean???They?re all yours.??I don?t get it.??We come here and fuck them??You?re kidding.??No, serious.??You mean I can get a girl I like and fuck her???Sure.?I and Dave were overwhelmed. When we went to our huts I saw many women. Their breasts were open. When we passed one Kevin reached out and touched her breasts. She just smiled back.After I unpacked I walked around the village looking around. The tourist huts were marked with little flags. All the other ones were native huts. As I went deeper into the village I saw a small pool. Beside it was a woman, girl her dress beside it. I came closer, but she didn?t notice me. When I was close enough I reached out and touched her. She turned around and smiled. I sat down and put my hand to the rag on her hips. She helped me take it off. She wasn?t ashamed of her pussy and urged me to touch it. I went on and played with it. That time I decided not to go too far. After a while I, got up and went further. At one place I saw a guy fucking a girl on the sand, they really turned me on. I went on. Soon I reached what looked like the end of the village. Here the streets were narrow and the people were few. As I went through a small passage I found myself in a garden. It was a pretty place, with lots of trees. I went through it and hoped I would meet someone to fuck. And sure enough when I passed another tree I saw a woman lying on the grass. I came up to her and she turned around. At that moment I saw that she was pregnant. My heart rushed but I didn?t know whether it was appropriate to fuck her or not. She smiled and showed her red hairy pussy. I took off my shorts and came closer. I sat down and put my dick to her pussy. I pushed it in, her pussy felt soft. I fucked, but in the middle it became too inconvenient. She sensed it and urged me to lie down. I did so and she put her mouth to my dick. She started sucking it. I lay there enjoying every moment of it. The place felt like heaven. Soon I came. She got off my dick and lay down beside me. I didn?t want to get up.. instead I turned around and looked at her breasts, they were huge. Suddenly she took one of her tits and pressed on it. A little bit of milk sprouted out. She urged me to try. I had a better idea. I put her tit into my mouth and sucked. I drank the warm milk while she held my dick. I spend some more time with her and then went to my hut. Dave was sitting there.?So,? I asked, ?what?ve you done???Nothing.?I looked at him with surprise.?Come on, man. Have some fun.??How do I do it???You just go up to one and fuck her.??Um, I don?t know.??Come on, let?s have some rest and then we?ll get one and fuck her together, ok???Ok.?After a while I and Dave went out. As we walked out of our little yard a woman was passing us. She smiled at us. I made a sign for her to come. She wasn?t young but she looked awesome. We went in and she took off all the dress she had. I looked at Dave and said, ?You lie down, well tell her to get on you and I?ll fuck her from the back.?We did so. Dave lay down on the bed and she went down on him. I got on her and put my dick to her asshole. I held her by the hips and we fucked. She was great. In ten minutes Dave came and after a moment I came too. We sat there panting when Kevin came in.?Hey guys wanna come to the night party???What?s that,? I asked.?Well all the village goes down to the square, they have lots of shows and then everybody fucks.??Great, we?ll be there.??Ok, just be sure to grab a girl on your way, there won?t be any free ones at the place.?We dressed and went out and went down our little street. Somewhere near the end I saw a young girl going out of a house. I came up to her and took her hand. She was something like fourteen years old, but had a nice butt and firm breasts. Together we went to the village square. The place was full of people but we managed to find Kevin. He was sitting also with a woman. ?Come on,? he said, ?the show?s just starting.?We sat down and looked at the middle of the square. The show was fun. There were lesbians and strippers. We also so some animal sex. After it all I looked at the girl I had picked up. I lay down and she sat on me. We weren?t the only ones, now everyone was fucking. When we were done it was already dark. As I got up I saw the pregnant woman I had fucked in the afternoon. She smiled and we went to my hut. There we spent a wild night. It turned out that she spoke English. She I was playing with her breasts she told me that five years ago the village became a tourist attraction and that at that since it was far from any civilized community tourists came and raped the women of the village. Since the people lived in poverty they decided to make money that way. She also said that many of the women work until they are over forty. Then they move to neighbouring villages. She told that she gets fucked over ten times a day and that she loves it all. As for me I decided to stay the rest of the time and now I?m applying for a job in Africa, not very far from the village.

Illegal Romance

Tina was our new English teacher. She was in her mid-twenties and we thought she was a very good teacher and very pretty. She knew what she was talking about. The four of us shared that class together. Billy loved to torment the poor teacher. One day, while she was handing out papers, she stopped by my desk.?See me after class, Danny,? she said.?Sure,? I replied.Kevin, who was behind me, leaned up and said, ?Danny, what did you do??I shrugged. ?Beats me.?When the bell rang, I waited until everyone was gone and then I got up and walked to the front of the room and stood in front of her desk.?You wanted to see me, Miss Moran?? I asked her.?Yes, Danny. Close the door please.?I did so. ?Am I in trouble???No,? she said with a laugh. ?I?ve been watching you these past few weeks.??You have? Why??She got up and came around the desk. She stood a few inches from me. ?I like what I see.??Excuse me??She put her hand on the back of my neck and she brought her lips to mine and kissed me. My breathing grew heavy and I pulled away, surprised and frightened at the same time. ?What are you?Miss Moran, you?re my teacher!??Danny, I know,? she said. ?But don?t think of me that way. Think of me as a friend.??That?s kind of hard when I?m in your classroom everyday!?She brought her lips back to mine and kissed me with so much passion that it frightened me.I pulled away. ?Don?t do this. This is wrong?I have to go.?I charged out of the room and quickly went to my locker, where my friends waited.?What did she want?? Cory asked me.I didn?t reply. I was never myself after that. I was always so nervous. I stammered whenever Tina called on me in class. Of course, my friends noticed and tried to talk to me, but I refused their questions. They?d freak if they knew! One day, Tina dropped a folded piece of paper on my desk and told me to see her after class.?Again?? Billy asked.I shrugged. I unfolded the paper and found that it was a note.Danny,I know that it was a surprise for you, what happened the other day. I meant what I said. I really do like you. Don?t be angry with my, Danny, please. We?ll talk more after class.?Love, Tina I folded the note and shoved it into my pocket before anyone saw it. When the bell rang and after everyone was gone, I got up and walked to the front of the room. Our eyes met.?Why me?? I demanded. ?Huh??She got up from her desk and walked around to stand in front of me. Her black skirt climbed her legs a bit when she sat on her desk. My eyes left hers and traveled down, over her breasts and lower?my eyes met hers again.?Like what you see?? she asked.When I didn?t reply, she took my hand and placed it on her knee for a moment. Then she began to move it up her leg. She put her hand on the back of my neck and pulled my lips to hers. I never resisted. The bell rang to end lunch and she pulled away.?Meet me here after school,? she said. ?All right??I nodded and went into the men?s room. I splashed cold water on my face. At the end of the day, I went to my locker. The guys were waiting for me. ?Need a ride home?? Kevin asked me.?Not until you want to hang around until five-thirty,? I replied.?Five-thirty?? Cory asked.?I?ve got after-school,? I lied.?What for?? Billy asked.?Cursing a teacher.? I didn?t want to lie, but I couldn?t tell them the real reason. ?Well, do you need a ride afterward?? Kevin asked.?If I do, I?ll call you, okay???Sure,? he said. ?Later.?I put my books in my locker and then went to see Tina. She was at her desk, grading papers. I stood behind her and leaned over her shoulders.?Have you graded my test yet?? I asked.?Yes, I did.??How did I do???Fairly well,? she replied.I moved her hair and kissed the back of her neck. She moaned and leaned her head to the side to give me better access.?Close the door,? she told me. I did so.She stood up and pushed her chair out of the way and turned to face me. She quickly undid my jeans and I drew her skirt up to her waist. She had nothing underneath and that excited me even more. She wrapped her legs around me and she guided me into her. We both cried out and I lifted her up and placed her on the carpeted floor. We made glorious love. It seemed to last for hours and hours. But when it was over, we laid there for a long moment. ?How many women have you had?? she asked.?Honestly???Yes.??You?re my first???Really???You sound surprised,? I said.?You sure fooled me!? she laughed. ?You were wonderful. Do you need a ride home???Sure.?We rode to my house and we kissed goodnight. ?I?ll see you tomorrow, Danny,? she said. I got out of the car and she pulled away from the curb.Tina and I went months without revealing out relationship. We knew it was wrong, but we were in love and neither of us gave it much thought.?Tina, how much longer can we keep this a secret?? I asked her one afternoon while visiting her classroom during the lunch hour. ?As long as we can, Danny,? she replied. ?It?s hard, because I love you so much.?I stared at her. ?You do???Very much.?I leaned in and kissed her. ?I love you, too, Tina.?She brought her lips to mine. I undid the first few buttons on her blouse and my hand made contact with her bare breasts. She moaned as I kissed her neck. Suddenly, a surprised gasp forced us to pull away from each other. My heart stopped when I saw whom it was. Kevin! He turned and left the room. I ran after him. I found him in the cafeteria.?Is he telling the truth?? Billy demanded.I looked at Kevin. ?You told them???It?s true!? Cory said.?You are dating, Miss Moran!? Billy cried.?Keep it down!? I demanded. ?If anyone finds out, we?ll both get into trouble.??How could you?? Billy asked. ?That?s disgusting,? Cory followed.When they came over that night, we sat in the family room. We were quiet for a moment.?How long has this been going on, Danny?? Cory asked.?Couple of months,? I replied. ?You guys can?t tell a soul. You have to swear.??We won?t tell anyone, Danny, but???How did this happen, Danny?? Cory asked.I sat back and sighed. ?I don?t know. It just did. This may sound crazy, but I love her so much. She?s perfect. All I ever wanted.? The next day, I was called to the principle?s office. Tina was there when I entered.I looked at her. ?What?s going on??Mr. Elli fritz entered the office a moment later. He sat down at his desk.?Miss Moran. Danny. We?ve been hearing reports about the two of you. Someone reported seeing the two of you together, intimately, during school hours. Is this true?? he demanded.We look at each other, not knowing what to say. Our hesitation and silence told him that it was true. He looked out the window for a moment and then looked at Tina.?Miss Moran, you know the rules. It?s illegal. Teachers and students aren?t permitted to have any kind of relationship beyond friendship. And Danny?? he stopped abruptly. ?I don?t know what to say to either of you. I?d fire both of you, but I don?t have the authority. Get out of here, both of you. You make me sick,? he finished angrily.We left the office and headed back to class.?What do you think they?ll do to us?? I asked.?They?ll fire me, I know,? she replied. ?You?I don?t know what they?ll do.??Oh, no, Tina???Shh,? she said, quieting me with a kiss. ?No matter what they do, they cannot keep me from seeing you. I love you, Danny. I really do.??I love you, too, Tina,? I said. ?But I can let them fire you???There?s nothing you can do, Danny. Just let it go, ok?? she said. ?I hate this job anyway. That?ll just give me a reason to leave this town.?We went back to class. We both went on as if nothing had happened, but it soon spread around school. It didn?t matter how much we denied it, everyone knew. For some reason, they didn?t fire Tina. We were both curious as why. One day, during class. I sat there, tapping my pencil against my notebook, looking at Tina. She was sitting at her desk. The look on her face told me that she was deep in thought. I looked at Kevin and Billy, who were watching me with c
oncerned eyes. I sighed and then I got up and walked to the front of the room. I stopped in front of her desk and leaned down to that my face was even with hers.?What are you thinking about?? I asked her.?Thinking how bad I want to get out of here,? she said.I stared at her for a moment. ?Just how bad do you want to leave???Just as bad as you.??Why don?t we do it then?? I asked her.She looked at me, her eyes wide. ?What???Let?s get the hell out of this town. We?ve both wanted this for a long time.??But what about the class?? she asked.?I?m sure they can handle themselves,? I said.?Now???Now.??Danny???We?re already in trouble, Tina,? I said. ?What else can they do??She stared at me for a long moment. Then she grabbed he purse and my hand and we raced out of the classroom. We raced to her car and drove away from the building. We drove until we were miles out of town. There were no words spoken until the vehicle stopped. We looked at each other and laughed.?I cannot believe we just did that,? she said.?I can,? I said and pulled her to me and kissed her. We rented a hotel room and stayed the night there. ?Tina,? I said, when she woke up in the morning in my arms.?Yes,? she said, sleepily.I looked at her. ?Let?s get married.??What???Let?s get married, Tina,? I said. ?I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to show everyone just how much I love you.?She looked at me for a moment. ?Do you really love me that much???More,? I said.She smiled. ?Let?s do it.??Yeah???Yeah.?We were married that day, knowing now that there was nothing anyone could do about it. One night, after we had gone to bed, I took Tina into my arms and kissed her.?I love you, girl,? I said. ?I love you, too, Danny, so much,? she said. ?Danny???Yes.??I?m pregnant.?I froze and looked at her. Tears of joy filled my eyes. ?I?I?m going to be a father???Yes.?I laughed and hugged her to me tightly. Our lives changed after that. I was a soon-to-be-father and I was happy. My friends and I stayed friends, but we?d never be as close as we were before Tina. But I was determined not to let that spoil my happiness. I had Tina and that was all that mattered.


Jake glanced impatiently at the wall-mounted clock. It was already fifteen minutes pass eight and Yvonne hadn?t arrived yet. He sighed, as his mind began to wander back to the previous few meetings with her. He had met her at a party at his friend?s house. He was eighteen and had plenty of girlfriends before. However, he was a sort of a playboy and those were only casual flings he had. His maxim? Screw and fly the coop. Yvonne, on the other hand, was sixteen years old. She was an innocent girl who had never had a boyfriend. This however, was contrary to her appearance. She possessed the most beautiful lips one had ever seen. Her deep blue eyes had a tantalizing and naughty look to them, completely betraying her innocence. Her figure was, perfect. She had curves that were so luscious that she smote even her teachers. They were not exceptionally big but were sort of like, just the right proportion. That was what made her so desirable to all who had laid their eyes on her. In addition, she favoured halter-tops and wore them with strapless brassieres and khaki shorts that accentuated her never-ending legs. Anyway, as fate would have it, Jake rested his eyes on this beautiful piece of a gem. Determined to get her, Jake employed all his previous methods of wooing girls and without a doubt, got what he wanted. Driving along the highway, Jake stopped at an abandoned house that he knew so well. Holding her by the hand, he let a reluctant Yvonne into the shack. Sitting her down, Jake began to caress her gently despite the protest on Yvonne?s part. Slipping a hand into the underside of her halter, Jake began to fondle and lightly squeeze Yvonne?s breast. Sensing no rejection of his move, Jake slipped his hand further in and beneath her bra. Finding a nipple, he gently squeezed and massaged it with his fingers. Yvonne on the other hand, had never felt anything like what she was feeling right now. Giving in to the thrall of sensations that were overcoming her, she sighed softly as she relaxed and sank gently into Jake?s arms as he continued on with his assault.Emboldened by Yvonne?s reaction, Jake began to strip her of her clothing piece by piece. He undid the knot of her halter and let the clothing drop to the floor. Undoing her bra, Jake was pleasantly surprised as he saw Yvonne?s erect nipples. Unable to fight his lust, he lowered his mouth onto one of her nipples and began to worship her with his mouth, sucking and licking, not unlike French kissing her nipple. Yvonne could not control her desires anymore as she began to whimper and then moan at the exquisite stimulation she was receiving. She began to experience a wetness deep inside of her that made her feel even more aroused. It was sort of like what they called bloodlust but this was of a greater magnitude as it seized Yvonne as Jake?s sucking brought her to a gut wrenching orgasm. She moaned even more loudly as an avalanche of emotion began to cascade over her. Moving slowly down her body he removed her shorts with practiced ease. Pausing a while, Jake took the chance to enjoy the view of Yvonne clad only in her lace panty. Without taking it off, he brought his mouth onto her and began sucking at her clit through the cotton of her panties. Yvonne, now obviously without any qualms about sex, began to writhe on the floor. By now, her panty was thoroughly soaked with both his saliva and her own juices. At this point, Yvonne started feeling distressed. Jake?s teasing had brought her to the point of no return and she desperately craved release. However, Jake, sensing this, was not about to grant her wish.Slipping her panty down past her legs, the frustrated Yvonne lifted her butt off the floor and lewdly thrust her cunt towards him. Declining the invitation, Jake parted Yvonne?s legs with his hands. Keeping a firm hold on demon lust, he lightly traced the outline of her cunt while flicking her clit lightly with his free hand. This combined assault drove Yvonne to the brink of insanity as she desperately seeks the release that would free her from her tormentor. Seeing her in this predicament, Jake relented. With his index finger, Jake slowly plunged into her as her tight cunt gripped his finger like a vise. While pulling his finger out, he somehow found her g-spot and this sent Yvonne into frenzy. Suddenly, Jake remembered a technique his friend had taught him just a few days before. Pulling on the g-spot with his finger in a come-hither motion, Jake told Yvonne that if she felt like peeing, she should go straight ahead and pee. It was not long after Jake begun to feel Yvonne?s vaginal walls begin to spasm. With an unmistakable moan of pleasure, she came and she ejaculated all onto Jake?s hand. Looking into Jake?s eyes, Yvonne began to suck on Jake?s juice soaked finger suggestively. Unable to control his raging hard-on anymore, Jake removed his clothing and directed his cock into Yvonne?s sultry lips. Though an amateur, Jake couldn?t believe it when Yvonne began sucking on it with expertise. He watched as his cock disappear into her mouth and Yvonne fondling him with her tongue. He almost exploded as Yvonne deep-throated him. He had never had a girl deep-throat him and the sensation was unbelievable. Making her turn over until she was on her knees and hands, he rubbed the head of his penis up and down her soaking wet slit. Moaning deeply, she tried to back her cunt onto his penis. Unable to hold back himself, as Yvonne was obviously getting hornier by the minute, Jake grabbed Yvonne by the waist and thrust hard into her. Yvonne cried out as she felt Jake?s enormous pecker bury itself into her cunt, stretching her vagina to its limits. He was so big that she didn?t think he could get it in at all. Jake on the other hand, was having the time of his life. Yvonne?s cunt was very tight as she was still a virgin and it seemed to be like milking his penis for his cum. Moaning out loud with the increasing speed of Jake?s thrust, Yvonne felt like she was riding the crest of a gigantic wave which was going to crash down very soon. She almost fell face-first as Jake thrust into her with increasing ferocity. As Jake drew out his pecker, Yvonne began to experience a myriad of emotions that kaleidoscoped into a blinding light as Jake plunged into her with all his might, inducing intense orgasm in both of them. Yvonne opened her mouth to scream out but her voice was caught in her throat as waves of orgasm swept through her rendering her breathless and sated.Jake was startled out of his thoughts as the doorbell resounded through the house. Opening the door, Jake caught himself smiling at Yvonne as he wondered about what the night would bring.

No! just never occured to me.

I think the first Groping I got was at 7 when a neighbor boy played hide and seek with us and we hid together. I had to pee badly and told him to turn his back. He pissed up in side me and to gave me a nice warm sweetness all thru my body, then a sudden spasm of deep internal convultions that rippled up thru me and make me hold very still wainting for him to stick it in me. but he didn&quot..t he put his hand on me and made feel good but not as good as the pee stream did. We were caught in the game and made to stand in the circle of the home plate while others were captured. His cold snaggy fingers were probing around up me and around me for thirty minuets, but I never &quot..felt&quot.. any nice tingles or reasons to let him POKE around again. Then about a month later in September we were playing a game called &quot..dare, dare, double dare&quot.. And the older kids were having fun making each other touch a &quot..NASTY&quot.. &quot..Naughty&quot.. or a NO-NO, I was told to touch my brothers penis which I did with RELISH then on a double dare I was told to put it in my mouth Which I did willingly but I protested like I heard the others do when it was their turn. I sucked like the older girls did ,but on the second trip down into my mouth he peed stuff like eggwhite in my throat and it was gone before I could get away from the hand on my head which was a redheaded cousin of ours who thought I would Chicken out. I never stopped sucking untill she backed off at my brothers request and told them I was not ,resisting, I was daring to do it just like everyone else. Then came a group DARE to All the girls. Walk into the bushes, A water melon was heating on the fire ,when it exploded the boys would find a piece big enough to share and go hunt for a girl ,who was to have naked intercourse with the first person she met in the dark with a piece of watermelon to share. I met my brother on a path so far from the fire ,we said we were just going to tell them we did it and go wait on a log back by the fire pit. Then we heard a couple running in the dark giggling, so we hid and they stopped, Five feet in front of our hiding place, lots of moon light even the corner street light was on them. WE could SMELL HER PUSSY when he opened her slimjim peddel pushers, It was RANK and HOT they did a little kissing as they jerked each others clothing off headed to the ground. Then She stopped him,&quot..Got A rubber,Miles?&quot.. he fumbled in his pocket and told her to wait he would run the two blocks to the U-PIC-EM store on the next block. Gene-lee pulled one from his pocket and told me to hand it to Ren-june who was only a foot from my shoulder. I said quietly to her as he walked away, &quot..REN?? here use ours we aint going to do that stuff&quot.. she was shocked but regained her voice to call him back , &quot..I found this one in my pocket we can use it&quot.. He just got naked again, never kissed again or nothing, WE watched it all and were cool with it untill she got on top of his face ,after screwing for an hour or so Almost instantly she had a screaming climax that stirred me enough to moan along with her and hump my bottom on my brothers leg I was sitting on. He reached around and put a finger on my clitty with another going inside to meet it through my pelvis ,and I shuddered into a coming spasm and drenched his thigh with somthing from inside me I never knew about before that very moment. It made noise like a Bubbleup fizing as it was shook.I wanted to get a hand on him but he was jacking to fast and his forehead was on my chest sucking at the beads of nipple that promised to be there later.tonight they were hard enough to be donut holders sticking out and curling up on the end like a cup hook. The single nerve in them went everywhere in my body but all ended in my &quot..potty hole&quot.. that entertained a finger Now, holding it back from comming out.I was humping a naked thigh,his cut off sweat shorts had rode up enough for me to get his penis back in my hand, then to pump it with my hand, But my wrist tired of that, letting it down to brush up in me with each of the slow strokes, I was riding back and forth on him . Then I just held the tip on my opening and he pushed kinda hard to meet me and we were &quot..Fucking&quot.. I was into it like a fart to a flame. He laid back and let me go crazy on his tummy untill I had another good long orgasm with a stopped heart and breathing period that nearly made me passout. We giggled as we kissed and learned to kiss better. Ren was watching us and giving quiet hints to us but mostly fingering her self while she laid next to us in the grassy patch. Ren crawled on him as I laid over ehausted on to the clothing pile. She spread her legs nad O guided it in and held it untill her clit sat bumping on my fist I let her go at it then she made a noise from inside her throat and began to hop on it to hard it hurt so i let go and she went all the way into her self screaming with climax and a shocked look on her face ,twisted by exasperated effort to go higher .I touched her bouncing clit and tried to pinch lt like I did my own but it was on the move so it slipped each time and she grunted hard, then A cloud decended over us we were cuming as a unit,her hand or his was on me again. I fell forward onto his chest looking into the slash of her spread out lips and a bloody drip from her clity made me lick into them as she leaned back to recive me using my name and a loving word reserved in your family for special times. We stumbled back to the fire after dressing and trying to catch the bloody in a kleenex she had in her pocket , but it wasn&quot..t working. Daylight came as we added wood to the watermelon smelling blaze. our folks would be Major PISSED at us over this. We survived the month of school events only Grounding cause thats about all we needed anyway I was in third grade and he was in fifth. We never did any thing untill My sixth grade Graduation .I willingly masturbated in front of him and he did it for me too. sometimes every day for a week or longer. He liked to watch me do it on my period to see the bloody oozie turn to froth after I came and kept on whacking for another ,going for the BIG &quot..O&quot… once in a while we would touch each other to get it started or finished. But on this day I was paranoid as hell because I had to speak to the whole school on the stage. I was to wear my new 7th grade cheerleader get up but the bloomers hadn&quot..t came yet so I wore a nice dark blue pair of unders. Gene stopped me as I went to the shower for the third or fourth time and ask if He could do anything to help me for tonight. &quot..How bout a good fuck and a hour nap??&quot.. I shot it back at him like anger. He nudged me into the bath room and peeled me like a grape with one hand unhooking my bra while the other raised the uniform over my up streached arms as soon as my breasts were in the clear his lips met them then mine and we kissed so well it scared us a little. &quot..Te,a llyn, I love you from some place other than the mothers womb. this is passion from the heart&quot… with that he let himself slide into me &quot..OH GENE that feels so good why did we wait so long I wanted you every night&quot.. ………..&quot.. I know Sissy but we know IT ain&quot..t right for us to doooooooo!@$#fuukkkkkkkkkkah IT i CAME ALL READY.&quot.. …….. &quot..tHATS OK!!! WE HAVE TIME JUST-shus -LAY STILL AND LET ME= PLAY UNTILLliccuuuuuuuuum unh nnnuh unh fu uh uh chett DAMMMN that was so funking great. I regained my breath as we shared a marlbroro stolen from moms stash in her bedroom.&quot..GOD Gene, hope I don&quot..t get knocked up by us doing it bareback.&quot.. he didn&quot..t laugh but held a pink plastic pill looking thing to me &quot..Put this In your vagina. Its what mom uses. it smelles like strawberries and you won&quot..t have to worry about it any more&quot.. . &quot..Semiside&quot.. was the product.I had read about it in magizines and seen the box in moms pantie drawer. Before I could Get the tough plastic off he took it apart and knelt to one knee and I put my foot up on it

to open my self up like I was putting in a tampon his fingers explored a few places that made me love it more every second. Then his stiff penis was in my hand and we were back on the tub rug trying to get back in it again, swollen as it was yet. I let him back off and eat me beyond every expectation I ever had about it Teeth on my nubbin and a rough tongue touching the sides and hood ,sucking the clit out to expose it to the hot dry air then from some place unknown I was on my knees on the rug. but my hands in the tub and his first contact with my rectum I lunged back on to him and felt the pop of it going in ,but then it felt just like in my vagina, only maybe better,because it hit the Spot on my pelvis wall better with each stroke&quot..&quot..&quot…ffff uge I mmmmah offf again geeneeeneh.&quot.. I don&quot..t know when I looked up to see mom sitting on the Commode wiping after a pee. &quot..When Your quite done KIDS come talk to me ,we need to get this handled soon.&quot.. Gene finished almost with me and we dressed. He went for another suppository. I didn&quot..t know why till later. Mom was at the table and offered us smokes . We took them gratefully and let the after glow rekindle a stirring in us as we held hands on top of the table for the first time ,we did it under the table sometimes, but now it was right. I even kissed him in front of mom to tell him how much I loved him.&quot..Tia lynn I don&quot..t guess that was your first ??&quot.. ………&quot..NO MAM&quot.. she drew on her smoke as we did also. &quot.. How often Gene?&quot.. ……… &quot.. Thats our second time, we did it once when she was in second grade.&quot…………. &quot.. Why to day girl ??……….&quot..Mom I can answer that, She won&quot..t do it with just anyone. no body but me and I have to hit it on the right day of the month. She ALWAWYS beats off with me on the evening before she starts, in fact I love to watch her start and get my nose full of that purfume.&quot..&quot..All I can smell is my strawberrie sented spermicide. You used one bebore and one after &quot..Right , like I told you last week. What ever happened with Fredia any way did you get her laid?&quot………….. &quot..I didn&quot..t want to very bad, But she wanted it up her butt! so I did&quot..nt waste it on her.&quot.. ………. Do you have another date planed??&quot.. Well its up to Tia lyn&quot.. ……… NO! it isn&quot..t Gene you date who you want and I will too, But we&quot..ll just keep our panties on tight. Till we get home , is that ok with you MOM??…….. Better than I hoped……… for………&quot..&quot.. her face twisted and her climax smells krept up from under the small table.

Coach and Athlete

I had been her coach for all four years of high school, but had always followed 2 simple rules.. 18 and graduate. We became close, over the years I coached her all three seasons for all 4 years of her high school career. She became like a daughter to me and then one day she became so much more. She had during the years, discussed sex with me often. We talked about the differant boys she had satisfied orally as well as the partners she had been with, I was often turned on by the discriptions that she would give me of how she enjoyed having her head grabbed and shoved up and down as she blew her many &quot..friends&quot… She also told me how she enjoyed being spanked and anything a little rough. She told me how she blew her eighth grade math teacher just for the heck of it. She already had an &quot..A&quot.., but he was cute and looked lonely she told me.It was during the second summer after she had graduated that we finally got together. We had stayed friendly and talked once or twice a month and got together for dinner about every two or three monthes since she had graduated. We both had someone in our lives but both agreed that we enjoyed sex to much to be with just the same person for the rest of our lives. Thats how it began…I think we always turned each other on, but did not want to ruin that relationship that we had. I was 32, 5&quot..10, 180lbs, and had jet black hair. She was adorable. 19, 5&quot..0, 105lbs, bleached blonde bob hair cut, A cups and an athletic ass to die for. We met at my place ready to go out, however she began to tell me about an older man she had slept with the previous week and asked me where all the really big cocks were. I knew at 8in. I was no slouch, but I also knew about her past and the tale of the man who cut her families lawn with the arms length size penis who fucked her instead of being paid the previous summer. She often told me that he had been twice as big as any she had ever been with and if her mom hadn&quot..t found out and been extremely jealous that he would fuck the little one, but not mommy maybe he would not have been fired and his life threatened.It was at this time that the bulge in my shorts began to grow extremely noticeable and she asked if I had a problem that she could help me with. I said I wish you could and she dove for my crotch. As she got my cock out it was already full grown and she stared in amazement because what it lacked in length it made up for in girth. She said she would suck it, but didn&quot..t think we should fuck, a little to much like incest she said. As she engulfed my cock her small mouth barely could get it in but as her tongue did gymnastics around, over, and under my cock it was the best suck job I ever had. I asked if she would mind if I grabbed her hair? And she told me to go to town that she could take what ever I could give her, I said we will see about that. It was at this time that I undressed her between slamming her face into my pubic patch, and got a few fingers into her dripping pussy. I told her that I needed to feel that wet hole around my dick and she said we shouldn&quot..t, but shit we already do things we shouldn&quot..t so slam me. I knew she was on the pill so had no worries, so I told her to get ready to scream when she told me to take it easy at first. I said if you want it easy go play with yourself, I was there to pound pussy and she told me she could take it. With her knees behind her head I put the head in and shoved it all the way to the hilt with one push. We fucked steady and fast for a few minutes and then I told her to flip over to take her from behind, she naturaly obliged. As I fucked her like the puppy that she is she moaned and screamed that if she knew my cock was this fat and talented we would have been having fun since she ws 14. It was then that I told her she was a flithy bitch with a slutty little mouth and she needed to be spanked. As I stung her ass with my hand my cock continued to sting her cunt, but then I had an idea. I knew that she had let her current boyfriend put his finger in her ass, but never anything before or else. My cock was so well lubed from her tight and tiny twat, by the way she is definately not a natural blonde, that I took it out of her pussy as my had came down on her ass extremely hard and held the head at the entrance to her other hole. As the sting from my slap subsided she noticed that something was missing from her cunt and felt the head at her other hole. She said NO and tried to break away but I held her hips firmly. I told her that I Loved her and that I knew she wanted to save her ass for her husband, but she had been bad and plus I needed to feel that ass that I had watched compete for so long. Plus I told her, you said you could take anything. As I slid into her ass she screamed first with pain, but as I slid in little by little it turned to moans of joy, remember she is tiny. I wish I could tell you I lasted a long time, but it was only about 30sec. before I filled her ass with my cum. She cried as we came together and told me that she loved me also and that we would fuck for the rest of ou lives.

Megan gets crucified

Megan is a stunning 14 year old. She stands about 5&quot..7, with beautiful green eyes, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde high lights, good sized breasts for her age (we&quot..ll say a big B cup), and the most perfect tightest virgin ass one has ever seen. Megan is a virgin, too. She has had many boys in her life but her pussy remains tight and her ass hole is too.It was that weekend of the month, the weekend Megan spent at her dads house in the country. Ever since her parents divorced Megan would spend 3 days a week at he fathers, and one weekend a month. However this time it was different, her father, Brett, had been out of town for almost a month in Las Vegas on a vacation full of gambling. She hadn&quot..t seen her Dad for almost 6 weeks all in all. Brett picked up his lovely daughter from school on Friday. Megan was looking especially good that day. She wore a little light green skirt with a matching colored top that dipped fairly low.&quot..Your mother lets you go to school like that?&quot.. Brett said, a little upset.&quot..Yeah, what?s wrong with it Daddy? Don&quot..t you like it?&quot.. Megan said.&quot..Yeah, its great, except for the fact that I can see the baby blue bra you have on, and if I saw it, I can only imagine how many other boys saw it today!&quot.. he replied.Megan pulled up her top, a little embarrassed, &quot..I&quot..m sorry, Daddy,&quot.. Megan answered.&quot..Its ok baby, just try to cover up around me I guess ok? Anyway, we& almost home, and I uhm uhm have a surprise for you in the basement,&quot.. Brett said in an odd tone of voice as they arrived in the driveway of the 2 story house, & go get changed and meet me down there, alright?&quot..&quot..Yes, I love surprises!&quot.. said Megan. She quickly opened the door, ran into her room, and peeled off her cloths, displaying that oh so sexy virgin mature adolescent body. She arrived downstairs wearing nothing but a white tank top, and teeny little red boxer pants. When she arrived she saw the same old basement and no Dad. &quot..Daddy?&quot.. she called out.&quot..God damn Brett, you weren&quot..t fuckin kidding, she is hot!&quot.. a large black man boomed as he stepped out of the shadows. On his knees, with the black mans hand gripping his neck was Brett. Then another black man and a white man stepped out from the dark end of the room.&quot..There is no way this fine little bitch is a virgin, just look at her!&quot.. the white man said in a Queens, NY, accent, &quot..That face, that ass, those tits! On a girl this young? No way some upperclassmen hasn&quot..t tapped that ass.&quot..&quot..Daddy, what?s going on??&quot.. Megan asked quizzically.&quot..Heh heh, I&quot..ll tell you what?s going on little girl, Daddy here owed us some serious gambling debts, and since he couldn&quot..t pay we were gonna kill his pussy ass. But when we opened his wallet and saw that ass of yours, this sick bastard offered up his little virgin daughter to us for 3 days and nights to save own his life, and we are here to take him up on that offer! Ha Ha!&quot.. the bigger black men said. Brett was now in tears on his knees. &quot..Daddy??&quot.. Megan cried.The big black man laughed. &quot..Believe it baby, you?re all ours. My name is Andre, white boy over here is Eddie, and my nigga ova here is Joe. Learn our names cunt, cuz your gonna be sayin them all weekend. Now get your ass naked, and if you don&quot..t Daddy gets it,&quot.. Andre said, pointing a revolver at the back of her dad&quot..s head.Megan cried, but pulled down her red boxer shorts revealing a tiny little baby blue lace thong, which showed off her perfect tanned shapely ass. Next she slid off her tank top, no bra, revealing those nice boobs. Among hoots and hollers from the 3 men, she bent over and slid off her thong. Next the three men came at her, but Megan stepped back. She tried to fight them off, but it didn&quot..t quite work. One of the men quickly pulled out a stun gun.When Megan woke up a few hours later, she couldn&quot..t believe it. She had a horrible headache and she was strapped down flat on her back face up to a black cross like structure. The cross looked like a non-caps &quot..t&quot.. that widened at the base like a triangle. Megan?s head was at the top of the t, each arm on the cross bar, and legs slightly spread over the triangle base. She was totally naked. &quot..HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!&quot.. she screamed.&quot..Well, well, well, looks like our little toy is awake!&quot.. Andre grinned, &quot..Did you have a good rest sweetheart?&quot..&quot..Fuck you! Let me go now!&quot.. Megan pleaded.&quot..Haha, don&quot..t blame me, I can&quot..t help it that dear old dad offered us this sweet piece of ass&quot.. he said as he ran his and along her ass cheeks, & should feel honored, your strapped to the same thing they use at the Vegas whore houses, it even revolves and spins and even comes with an anal hole on the bottom!&quot..&quot..An anal hole? What?s that?&quot.. Megan asked seeming very frightened.&quot..Ahhhhh virgins, I just love them…especially little innocent ones like you! Don&quot..t worry sweetheart you will find out soon enough! Now lets get this show on the road. Right boys??&quot.. Andre belted out.&quot..Sure boss, whateva you say&quot.. Joe replied. With that they all began sliding off their pants and getting prepared for the fuck.&quot..No, you can&quot..t do this! Please don&quot..t!&quot.. Megan cried, tears rolling.&quot..Hey, go get her Dad, make him watch this! I want to humiliate the bastard till he cries! Hahaha!&quot.. laughed Andre.A minute or two later, they brought Brett down, hands still tied behind his back. They sat him down in a chair and tied him too it. &quot..Get ready to watch your daughter get the living shit fucked out of her for the first time, and just remember- its all your fault! Hahaha!&quot.. Andre laughed again. Brett just sunk his head. Andre climbed on the structure.Megan wailed even harder, &quot..Noooo! Please! Please don&quot..t do this too me Pl-&quot.. and Andre began. &quot..Aaaaahh! No! Get it out now! Anh-henh!&quot.. Megan cried uncontrollably, &quot..Unh! Unnnnnnnh! Get off of me!? Before long Megan couldn&quot..t talk as Andre&quot..s 11 inch black monster rammed deeper into the virgin, but the tears and painful moans got worse. &quot..Somebody stick one in her mouth!&quot.. Andre grunted. Eddie was quick to respond, but Megan sealed her lips and shook her head when he tried to stuff her mouth full of his cock. In response, Joe pulled out his gun and held it to Megan&quot..s precious head, the cold steel on the soft skin.&quot..Open up bitch!&quot.. Joe shouted.Megan obeyed, and opened her mouth. Eddie stuffed his 7 incher in without hesitation. Megan closed her mouth, and let out a muffled gag and her face scowled at the taste of his skin. He didn&quot..t care and just went deeper. Megan let out a muffled choke, but held on. &quot..Bob on it bitch!&quot.. Joe screamed, the gun still rubbing against Megan?s forehead. Megan make-up was now smeared from all the tears, and she cried even harder. She started bobbing slowly and unwillingly but when she saw him spin the revolving gage, and put his finger on the trigger, she sped up desperately, her head going up and down on the cock. With that Joe spun the cross that Megan was on so Brett had a full length view of his daughter&quot..s fucking at one end and literally sucking dick to save her life, relentlessly, at the other. Brett?s face sunk with shame as he heard his daughter&quot..s muffled moans through Eddie&quot..s dick. She was having her first incredible orgasm, and when she moaned into his dick, Eddie came in Megan&quot..s mouth. Megan let out a long choked moan as she felt Eddie&quot..s cum tickle the back of her mouth and throat. Megan&quot..s tits went up and down with each deep breath as she tried to catch her breath from the amazing feeling only an orgasm could provide and she had just experienced for the first time. She was still whining and sobbing, however. She was exhausted.&quot..You ain&quot..t done yet bitch!&quo
t.. Andre told her, &quot..Untie her pop and get him over here.&quot..Megan cried, &quot..No! Leave him alone!&quot..&quot..Gee, your crazy, this is the guy who offered you up for sacrifice! Now turn her over and bring him over here!&quot.. Andre commanded. They flipped the cross over. Megan&quot..s tender tan ass peered through a 8 x 12 inch square opening in the black metal triangle base. Next they dragged Brett over and stood him up.&quot..Now what are you going to do too me??&quot.. Megan balled.&quot..Haha, funny you should ask, because *we* aren&quot..t gonna do anything to you,? Andre replied. He looked towards Brett, &quot..Strip him,&quot.. he commanded of his 2 obedient employees. They untied Brett and stripped him of his clothes.&quot..Well if you three aren&quot..t gonna do anything to me, who is?&quot.. Megan asked stupidly. All three men laughed, and Brett was now realizing what was about to take place. &quot..No, I won&quot..t do it! Anything but that! I won&quot..t do that to her!&quot.. Brett pleaded with them.&quot..Do what Daddy?&quot.. Megan asked, the virgin in her more present than ever.&quot..Do it now or I will kill you both,&quot.. Andre whispered, showing Brett the shiny pistol in his pocket, &quot..Now!? He pushed Brett on top of the cross and put the pistol to the back of his head, &quot..Do it!&quot..&quot..I&quot..m sorry honey, I don&quot..t wanna do this…,? he whispered in her ear as he stroked his baby girl&quot..s sweat soaked hair. &quot..Do wh-&quot.. Megan said when she was interrupted by the pain of her fathers dick in her virgin unlubricated asshole. The muscles in Megan&quot..s ass clenched, making it even more painful. Brett drove in an out the best he could. Megan let out screams that could have frozen blood. Horrible wails and squeals! &quot..AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ENNNNGGGGGUH!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! OH OH OH OH!! EEEEEEEEHGGGGGGGG ENH ENH ENH!&quot.. and several other helacious screams. The other men whacked off at the site of Megan being butt fucked. Then they degraded her even more. They went over to Megan and jacked off and came all over her face while she was being sodomized by her own father. Some of the cum landed in her mouth, some on her chin and upper lip. Eddie purposely sprayed his cum on Megan&quot..s forehead and matted down Megan?s hair with cum. Megan&quot..s once beautiful face was now covered in cum, her make up smeared all over her face like a raccoon, hair matted down by cum, and eyes red from the anguish of the 9 inch human rod that had now been shoved deeply in her asshole. Her asshole loosened with every thrust of her father?s dick, her ass jiggling with every jolt. Her formerly tight ass would never be the same. Brett was now beside himself with lust and put his hands over Megan?s breasts. After a few minutes of the rugged painful sex, the father/daughter combo came. Brett was ashamed as he came deeeep inside his daughter&quot..s asshole. The tinglish feeling sent Megan off too. She was more ashamed then her father, that she had gotten off from the pain/pleasure of her first sodomy. Megan passed out briefly from all the sensations she felt as the feeling of the sticky squishy load of cum in a place she could only describe as inside her asshole, combined with the ravaging orgasm she had just experienced and her own mental feelings. Brett?s dick shrunk to normal size and deflated out of his daughter?s ass. They rolled Megan over face up again.&quot..Hahaha, that was the best porn anyone could ever ask for- watching a father fuck his unwilling daughter right up the ass as she squealed!! Haha thanks for that man,&quot.. Andre tempted.&quot..Fuck you!&quot.. Brett shot back.&quot..Whoa now! This is your fault! You gave your virgin daughter too us. You let us have her sweet pussy. You know I was thinkin, I could make a lot of money off of that hot piece of ass, I mean she is only 14…&quot.. Andre said. Then he went over to his bags and pulled out a needle and some heroine.&quot..Wait…No! No! You can&quot..t do that! That wasn&quot..t part of the deal!&quot.. Brett cried.Andre walked over to Megan. &quot..Oh C&quot..mon Brett…Do you think I give a fuck??? I can&quot..t wait to see this lil innocent virgin become a turned out heroine and crack whore in Vegas. Just think of all the money she will bring in. I could sell her cheap to all the fat dirty drunk bastards or sell her high to some of the high rollers. And she wouldn&quot..t care as long as I kept her on it. Just think- your little baby is gonna be my crack whore! Haha! Brilliant!&quot.. he said. He filled the dirty needle with the liquid heroine. Brett moved to run over to Megan but Eddie and Joe caught him and slammed him against a wall.Andre rubbed alcohol on Megan&quot..s arm. Megan, barely conscious, moaned a little as she felt the burning sensation. She squinted her eyes and bit her lip as she felt the prick of the needle.&quot..NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!&quot.. Bret screamed.But he was too late. Andre injected the little innocent with the large dose of high quality heroine. Megan let out a little cry, and arched her back and neck the best she could for being strapped down.&quot..Take a long look at her Brett, before long I am gonna turn her out and make her the dirtiest nastiest sluttiest crack whore in Vegas. Haha say goodbye to Daddy, Megan! Your gonna make me lots of money! My own little slut, hell I will even take a ride on her every once in awhile. Don&quot..t be upset though Brett, you will always be her first anal. Just think of the reaction she&quot..ll get when she tells people her Daddy was her first anal!!! &quot..Daddy broke me in&quot.. hahaha! That lil ass will be loose as hell! Oh and you also gave her her first legitimate orgasm! Maybe she will give you some grandchildren.. ha I can be their Daddy. I can still pimp her when she is pregnant too, no one out there will care! This is great!&quot.. Andre laughed and tempted.Megan was now a little more awake after the pick me up dose of heroine she got. She had a stupid smile on her face, the type someone who is high gets. &quot..Haha Daddy, I feel funny, hehe!&quot.. Megan giggled.&quot..NOOOOOOO! NOT MY BABY!!! NOT MEGAN!!&quot.. Brett cried.&quot..Let her loose Joe, lets take my new sex pony for a ride, ya know show her the ropes! Hahaha!&quot.. Andre ordered.Joe did so, and undid the straps. Megan got up and staggered over to Andre. &quot..Stand it up and strap him in! He can watch his little girl get screwed again!&quot.. Andre ordered again. Joe and Eddie did so and strapped in Megan&quot..s naked father. They pushed the cross up against a wall, so Brett could see the whole room.&quot..Hey there,&quot.. Andre said. Megan giggled and Andre without warning leaned in and began to passionately kiss the 14 year old. Megan let out muffled giggles as she made out with the big black man. His hands ran down her body, and he squeezed her tight ass. He unlocked from the kiss and turned Megan&quot..s back against his chest and he looked over her shoulder as he ran his hands over her young full breasts and erect nipples. She giggled as he played with them, cupping them in his hands. &quot..You like that?&quot.. he asked her.&quot..Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm&quot.. Megan nodded her head up and down and was giggling still. Andre started using one hand to finger her shaved snatch. Soon Megan was throwing her head back on his shoulder and moaning hotly and erotically. &quot..Oh yeah!!! Right there! MMMMMM YES!&quot.. she moaned as she felt him push his fingers deeper. Andre used to his forearm to bend Megan upper torso forward. He pushed her down on her knees into a doggy-style position. At first, he was the one thrusting into her. Megan moaned, &quot..YES!! OH YES FUCK ME!! FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME!! YES! YES!!! RIGHT THERE!!! OH HIT IT!! DEEPER DEEPER!! OOOOOOH YES!&quot.. After a few minutes though, Megan took Andre&quot..s dick in her hand and GUIDED HERSELF onto his rod. Andre made it more intense by smacking her ass. She was the one fucking him! She grunted as she pushed herself onto him, doing her best to get as deep as possible. &quot..OOOOOOOO
OHHH SHIT!!! THAT?S SO FUCKING GOOD!!! FUCK YES!!! UNH UNH!!!! SMAKCK MY ASS!!! HURT ME!!! HURT ME!!! FUCK ME HARDER!! GIMME A DICK TO SUCK!!! I WANT A DICK IN MY MOUTH!!&quot.. she moaned. This talk from his daughter made Brett cry like a baby. Eddie was quick over and this time instead of being hesitant Megan was more than willing so suck him off. First she licked its head, and then his balls, and then the underside of his dick. She sucked his dick like a dirty whore! She bobbed up and down the first time he came she swallowed, the next time she lets him cum all over her face. All of this while she was still being fucked doggy style and having her ass smacked. After about 20 minutes of intense fucking, she came. But that didn&quot..t stop her from sucking Eddie off like a little slut! She sucked him again and this time just licked the tip of his dick non-stop like a child on a lollypop.&quot..Hey Megan, I think Daddy wants a blow from his baby daughter, why don&quot..t you go suck on Daddy&quot..s dick???&quot.. Andre told the heroine buzzed youth.&quot..No Megan don&quot..t!!!&quot.. Brett told her.&quot..What?s wrong Daddy??? Don&quot..t be a saddy, Daddy,&quot.. Megan said childishly, &quot..I will make you all better.&quot.. And with that she got on her knees and sucked her Daddy&quot..s dick just like she did Eddie&quot..s- like a slut! Brett tried his hardest to hold back his cum, but it was no use, it just felt to good, no matter who was down there, and he had a long orgasm which meant he dumped a huuuuge load in Megan&quot..s mouth, BUT like the slut she now was she gobbled it down. Brett watched as his daughter licked all the excess cum from her lips and her Dads dick. Then to her surprise Joe came over and laid her down and began eating her out. It didn?t take him long to find her clit in that shaved pussy of hers and she came easily.&quot..Megan, you know what I would really like???&quot.. Andre played with her, &quot..I want you to stick your tongue in my ass and lick my asshole, could you do that for me???&quot..&quot..Sure!!&quot.. Megan said. Andre bent over so Brett could watch his daughter eat ass for the first time from a good angle. Brett was disgusted as he saw, what he remembered as the innocent little girl who blushed at the comment of her breasts being to visible to him when he picked her up from school that day, Megan personally clean out the large black man&quot..s asshole with her tongue. She even fingered herself why she did it. After that she fell asleep. They knocked Brett out with the stun gun, and when he woke up the next morning he was naked on the floor with a note by him that told him that Andre had taken Megan with him, that he was going to turn her into a crack whore just like he promised and that if Brett called the cops, he would kill Megan.When they arrived in Vegas, Megan definitely became Andre&quot..s crack whore. He sold her low to the dirty hermaphrodites, transsexuals, and white trash. He sold her high to celebrities, and rich bankers and such. Innocent little Megan was so chemically dependent on heroine and crack that she let whoever had some fuck her. Innocent virgin Megan was no more.

Caught in the act : Mickey

Mickey glanced up and down the hall checking to make sure that the coast was clear, and when he was satisfied that no one was around, he slipped into the furnace room and made his way over to a step ladder that was leaning against the back wall!!! After making sure that the ladder was in a steady position, he climbed the ladder and peered through a small crack in the cement!!! &quot..Holy cow,&quot.. he muttered out loud as he pulled his pecker out of his pants and began beating his meat, &quot..this is fucking unbelievable,&quot.. while ogling the girl&quot..s soccer team taking their showers after practice!!! For the next ten minutes Mickey teetered on the second rung of the ladder staring through the tiny opening between the furnace room and the girl&quot..s shower room until a harsh voice behind him snapped, &quot..And just what do you think you& doing, young man!?!&quot.. Mickey half stumbled and half climbed down the ladder while at the same time trying to shove his hard cock back into his jeans, but it was too late for that as he landed right at the feet of the meanest teacher in the whole school, Gwendolyn Hooks!!!After finally getting his rapidly deflating dick back inside his fly, the red faced lad stammered, &quot..Well you see, it&quot..s like this, I was just checkin&quot.. to see, uh, what&quot..s up at the top of the ladder!!!&quot.. &quot..And what exactly did you discover at the top of the ladder,&quot.. she asked acidly!?! &quot..Uh, nothing,&quot.. he replied weakly! &quot..Nothing my foot,&quot.. she replied harshly, &quot..and your penis out of your pants and angry over nothing!?!&quot.. With his head bowed Mickey desperately wished he were any place but in the high school furnace room with Miss Hooks, but unfortunately he was and there wasn&quot..t a whole lot he could do about it!!! &quot..I asked you a question,&quot.. she said, & answer me!!!&quot.. &quot..I-I don&quot..t know,&quot.. he lied, hoping against all hope that she would just drop it!!!&quot.. &quot..Hmmmmmmmm, maybe I should climb up there and see what all of the excitement was all about,&quot.. she opined evenly!!! &quot..Uh no,&quot.. he quickly retorted, & pretty high and you might fall or something!!!&quot.. She began tapping her foot in a steady staccato beat that indicated she was less than happy with his responses, and then out of left field she asked, &quot..So, how often do you come in here and watch the girls showering!?!&quot..&quot..Y-you knew it all the time,&quot.. he asked softly?!? &quot..Of course I did,&quot.. she shot back at him, &quot..what do you take me for, a fool!?!&quot.. &quot..Oh no,&quot..he replied quickly, &quot..I just didn&quot..t know that you knew, that&quot..s all!!!&quot.. &quot..So answer me, how often do you peek at the girls,&quot.. she asked!?! Realizing that it was now useless to lie, he answered truthfully, &quot..Mostly just after school when no one&quot..s around except for the athletic teams, never during gym class!!!&quot.. The tapping of her foot was driving him crazy, and he wondered what she had in store for him, but her next question really caught him off guard when she asked softly, &quot..So tell me, Mickey, what do you see in those skinny eighteen year olds with with their flat chested bodies!?!&quot.. &quot..Uh, I don&quot..t know,&quot.. he stammered, &quot..I just like looking at &quot..em, that&quot..s all!!!&quot.. &quot..Have you ever seen the body of a real woman,&quot.. she asked in a husky voice, &quot..I mean a woman with a full figured body, something like mine!?&quot.. He stared at her blankly for a moment not quite sure where this line of questioning was leading, but he sense immediately a change in her attitude, so in a steady voice he replied, &quot..No, I& never seen a mature woman&quot..s body before, and certainly not one as nice as yours!!! She stared at him for a long minute, seemingly weighing something in her mind, until she finally asked softly, &quot..Would you like to see mine!?!&quot..His mind was totally areel as he tried to comprehend what Gwendolyn Hooks had just asked him, and in a slow measured voice he replied, &quot..Uh, sure I would, that would really be nice!!!&quot.. She eyed him again for a moment, and then replied, &quot..Of course it&quot..s a two way street, you&quot..d have to show me your penis and get it hard for me!!!&quot.. Gaining more confidence by the second he asked, &quot..Do you like big hard cocks!?!&quot.. &quot..Oh yes,&quot.. she gushed, &quot..especially on young men like you, they stay so stiff and hard!!!&quot.. Now growing even bolder he said, &quot..If I did show you my cock, you&quot..d have to suck me off, or it&quot..s no deal!!!&quot.. After licking her lips in anticipation of what she hoped was to come, she replied in a husky voice, &quot..Of course I&quot..ll suck you, Mickey, and I&quot..ll even let you cum in my mouth!!!&quot.. After acting like he was thinking it over, he finally nodded in agreement and replied, &quot..Okay, it&quot..s a deal, so take it off!!!&quot..Mickey wasn&quot..t too good at ages but figured Miss Hooks to be around fifty or so, give or take a few years, but as old as that seemed, he watched in utter fascination as she slowly removed her dress and slip while exposing her full lush body clad in only bra and extra large bikini panties to his youthful eyes!!! &quot..D-do you like it,&quot.. she asked hopfully while standing there nervously before him, &quot..I think my boobs are my best feature don&quot..t you,&quot.. as she unhooked her bra and let it slip from her shoulders!?!&quot.. He was stunned at the size of her chest, and almost automatically reached out and gently brushed his hand over her erect nipples, eliciting a soft sigh from her as she took his hand and pressed tightly between her massive breasts!!! Even though there was more than a thirty year gap in their ages, he was a man and she was a woman, and in some respects nothing ever changes, and his dominance quickly came to the for as he pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth while tugging her panties down over her almost fat bottom!!! While they lingered over their kiss, Mickey&quot..s hands roamed freely over the expansive flesh that was Gwendolyn Hooks body, until she was breathing hard and tugging helplessly at his trousers in an attempt to free his now rock hard erection!!! In a voice that betrayed her urgency, she begged him, &quot..Y-you promised, you& gotta show it to me, I wanna suck it!!!&quot.. He wanted to tease her a little by making her wait a little longer, but his own inexperience and desire prodded him into hurriedly undoing his pants, while leaving his briefs on for her to remove herself!!! She quickly slipped to the floor, and after grabbing hold of the elastic waist band with both hands, she took a deep breath and slowly slid his white undershorts down over his thighs, allowing his already erect pecker to pop into view!!! He was a little nervous of her reaction to his teenage dick, but he needn&quot..t have worried at all because within a matter of seconds, Gwendolyn Hooks had taken his hardon into her mouth and was greedily sucking it like a baby would a bottle!!!Even though this was his first blowjob, it was Miss Hooks who seemed most distressed by the situation as she now only sucked on his big cock, she also was furiously frigging her big hairy cunt with her free hand while driving them both towards their orgasms!!! She looked up at him with shining eyes just as his pecker stiffened, sending a torrent of spunk into her throat, nearly gagging her from its profusion!!! Oh god I&quot..m cumming,&quot.. he gasped as she readjusted his pecker in her mouth, &quot..I don&quot..t believe it, I just came in your hot fucking mouth, you suck just like a fucking hot assed whore!!!&quot.. How the worm had turned, just minutes before she was upbraiding him for peeking at the naked girls, and now, here she was on the floor sucking his cum like she was a vacuum cleaner, but now that she had gotten a taste of him she wanted more and was about to get it

!!!She stood up quickly, turned away from him, leaned over an old oil drum with her legs spread wide apart, and then with a hither come look over her shoulder ordered, &quot..Okay stud boy, show me what you& got!!!&quot.. Even though he had never fucked anyone before, it was more than obvious where his hard pecker was to go, as her dark haired muffy was flushed and open, in obvious need of a hard fucking to satisfy its overwhelming urges!!! He carefully lined up his dick with her drooling slit, and with excrutiating slowness, shoved it in until his abdomen was pressing hard against her fat butt!!! He sighed deeply, savoring the incredible sensation his cock head was feeling for the first time, and only when she began squirming impatiently did he finally begin stroking in and out of her!!! Sex is a funny thing, for the first twenty years or so of your life you& a virgin and totally devoid of sexual experience, but then in a twinkling of an eye you& in the middle of your first fuck and it&quot..s like you& been doing it your whole life!!! Mickey took to fucking like a duck to water as he pounded the hairy cunt into submission with a series of vicious thrusts that drove both of them to orgasms that shook them to their very souls, leaving them totally spent as they both slid wobbled unsteadily to the concrete floor next to the furnace!!!While his cum slowly leaked out of her well fucked pussy, Miss Hooks rolled her head until she was looking directly into Mickey&quot..s eyes and offered, &quot..Now, do you still wanna look at skinny little girls!?!&quot.. Mickey stared at the huge chest that was still heaving while she tried catching her breath, and almost like the atomic clock his pecker began stiffening as he replied, &quot..Nope, not when I& got the real deal right here!!!&quot..

The teen play trilogy: Part 1

Emma and Jenn had been best friends forever. Their mothers had been next to each other in the same ward and have been friends since then. They were now both 14. Jenn was the older of the two, she was tall, had long blond hair, green eyes and was attractively slim. Her father worked abroad and her mother worked long hours as a assistant bank manager, to make enough money to live in the posh estate were their house was. She had an older brother who had just turned 17. He studies at an all boys boarding school so she didn?t see him for weeks at a time.Emma was smaller than Jenn but as much fitter. She Was in most of the girls sports clubs at her school and visited the gym every weekend. She had shoulder length straight brown hair with blonde high lights, had a cute face and was very conscious about her weight.On Friday the girls walked back to Emma?s house as they usually did after school. To kick off the 3 day weekend ahead of them (Monday was a bank holiday) they planned to go camping that evening. They had all their stuff packed and ready ready at Emma?s house. They would just change out of their uniforms and head off. They dropped their bags by the door and ran up to Emma?s bedroom. Jenn?s mum had run round a change of clothes for her to wear while she had been at school. As Emma searched her cubed for something to wear Jenn took her cloths off behind her got ready. Emma told herself not to look round, despite her inexplicable attraction to Jenn. She would discreetly look at Jenn?s body at any opportunity but never dream of making a move on Jenn or telling her how she felt as it may destroy their friendship if Jenn did not feel the same way. ?Witch do you think looks better?? Jenn asked as she slid on some old blue jeans, torn off at each knee. ?The baggy Strokes tee-shirt or the skimpy crop-top?? Emma seized the offer. She swung round to see Jenn holding up a top in each hand. Her friend wore only the jean shorts, her long hair draped over her developing teen breasts. Emma looked all over her smooth, pale skin. Her belly was perfectly flat and? ?What?s the matter? Cat got your young?? Jenn asked. A strange little smile on her face. ?Er? the short top? by far!? Emma was embarrassed. Once they were ready, they walked side by side to the secluded field they knew was up the road. As they talked the conversation changed to the subject of boys. Neither of them had ever had a proper boyfriend only meaningless crushes and they were both still virgins. However it was soon clear that they both had a soft spot fore the new boy Steven. Steve was nearly 15. He was very quiet and kept himself to himself. He was very tall, had short black hair and both all the girls wanted to be around him. Emma fancied Steven just as much as Jenn and often fantasized about the three of them together.That evening they ate the sandwiches Emmas mum had made and zipped up their tent for the night. They stripped into just tee-shirts and knickers and lay down. As they lay in the sleeping bags they listened to all the sounds and tried to identify them. Time went on and they felt no need to go to sleep. After a long time Jenn broke the silence. ?I?m cold Em! Could I role up closer to you?? Emma faces the wall and said she could but didn?t move herself. She felt Jenn press up close to her and her feet rub against Jenn?s. She felt like she had butterflies in her stomach and became very aroused but still didn?t move. ?You liked looking at me today didn?t you?? Jenn whispered. ?Don?t be ridicules!? She said nervously, finally rolling over to face her friend. ?I don?t mind!? said Jenn ?I could see you were getting wet! You did only have your knickers and shirt on!!? ?You could!? Exclaimed Emma, Surprised. Jenn explained, ?I find you very attractive. I was looking at you too.? Jenn moved closer to Emma and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. ?Its ok.? She said. Then Emma returned a long passionate kiss to Jenn. Jenn rolled out of her sleeping bag and onto her friend. She licked Emma?s lips and Emma turned her head so Jenn could lick nibble her ears. Jenn slid her hands under Emma?s tee shirt and handled her soft breasts. ?I?m almost there Jenn? don?t stop!? Jenn moved down and started kissing Emma?s stomach, her tongue licked around her belly button then down into Emma?s underwear. Jenn sucked Emma?s clit with her tongue while still caressing her breasts with her hands. As Emma felt orgasm after argasm tear through her body, she wrapped her legs around Jenn?s head, spraying girl cum into her lovers mouth and across her face. They then moved into the 69 position and Emma ate Jenn out while Jenn licked Emma?s bald pussy clean. After this night their friendship had become dramaticly more intimate!Part 2 cuming soon?

An Afternoon In The Basement

Sarah sat on the small couch in her basement, her long shapely legs twisted under her body in a way that only a state champion gymnast&quot..s could. Her hair fell straight and glossy to her shoulders and the very tops of her small but perfectly-shaped breasts. She had a very small waist and almost no hips. Her dark red lipstick gave her face sex appeal well beyond its fifteen years. Her best friend Paula sat on the chair in the corner, flicking idly through the channels. Her blue v-neck sweater lay on the back of the chair and her usually hidden breasts pushed hard against her black Hard Rock Cafe tank top. Sarah had been surprised when Paula pulled her sweater off a few hours before to discover her curvy but beautiful body. The narrow waste and hourglass hips and breasts usually lay hidden under a sweater or baggy t-shirt. Paula really had no interest in sex, and Sarah knew that she dressed the way she did to make sure that no one took an interest in her in that way either. Where Sarah had lost her virginity at fourteen and had a steady stream of both older guys and girls, Paula had never bothered. She explained once that it was a practical matter more than a moral one. The two girls were heavily involved in Wicca, the art of white magic that had become so popular recently. They were disgusted that what they regarded as their religion was viewed as a fad by so many others. As soon as Sarah&quot..s mother left the two girls had some rituals planned as an expression of their faith. Meanwhile, and not surpirisingly, Sarah was having a daydream in which she was sucking Paula&quot..s large, pink nipples while her friend lay back in the floor gasping. Paula&quot..s long fingers tangled in Sarah&quot..s hair as her fingers raced down her rib cage toward &quot..Finally, they& gone,&quot.. Paula muttered, gathering her thick brown hair and tying it back. She had a paranoia about the candles. Sarah cleared her throat. &quot..Yeah.&quot.. She began to set out candles and Paula rummaged through her bag for the crystal she had bought especially for today. There was a knock on the door and Sarah&quot..s boyfriend-of-the-month Shane came in. &quot..Howdy,&quot.. he said, grinning wickedly. &quot..I got one of my stepdad&quot..s videos… Oh, hi, Paula,&quot.. he said, his face now dropping. &quot..I&quot..m going to guess that&quot..s not a nature documentary,&quot.. Paula said dryly. &quot..Depends on your definition,&quot.. Shane said, and Sarah laughed loudly. Paula hated how her friend turned into an idiot around guys. &quot..Whatever,&quot.. Paula said, grabbing her sweater and pulling it on. &quot..I&quot..m leaving, since Sarah apparently doesn&quot..t take our Holy Days seriously.&quot.. &quot..Wait!&quot.. Sarah said. &quot..Why don&quot..t you stay here and watch it with us?&quot.. she suggested, crossing her fingers. &quot..What, it isn&quot..t bad enough I have to hear about you two, now I have to actually sit here with a disgusting video on and watch you fuck?&quot.. &quot..You&quot..d feel better, Paula, if you just let some guy have a swing at you.&quot.. Shane stared lewdly at Paula&quot..s crotch. He knew that she&quot..d never been with anyone. He had lots of experience but he&quot..d never had the chance to deflower a girl. He wondered what Sarah would say. &quot..Yeah, Shane, take me right now on Mrs. Barry&quot..s two-thousand dollar couch,&quot.. she half-joked while she zipped her backpack. &quot..Okay.&quot.. He grinned. &quot..What? God, Shane, be serious once in a while.&quot.. Paula shook her head. &quot..No, seriously. If it&quot..s okay with Sarah I&quot..ll fuck you right now. Come on. Why not?&quot.. Shane was getting into the idea now. He looked at Sarah, and found that her nipples were erect and sticking out through her thin shirt. She just nodded her head. &quot..You wouldn&quot..t want me, Shane,&quot.. Paula said, staring embarrassed at the floor. &quot..Now I will leave you to your mutual entertainment.&quot.. Her words were cut off as Shane pushed her down into the couch cushion and hotly kissed her. He quickly rubbed his bare knee against her jeans-covered pussy mound. The hot friction against her already swollen clit and cunt lips made her moan out loud. The last coherent part of her mind tried to pull away, but he held her down as he savagely squeezed her tit. He was annoyed at the multiple layers of fabric covering her body and jerked her upright. Her sweater was quickly pulled back off and crumpled onto the floor. Next was the ridiculously expensive tank top with the tiny leopard print straps. Underneath was a plain white satin bra, and anyone who knew Paula wouldn&quot..t have been surprised by her choice of lingerie. He pulled it roughly off, the hooks leaving burning scratches on her shoulders. He leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth. He suckled it noisily until it took on a pebbled texture and grew stiff within his mouth. He continued to rub the moistened nipple with his fingertips as he bit and nibbled on the other. He was trying to be slow with the virgin girl under him, but his nature was rough. He laid her back down and pulled her jeans and matching satin panties off in one motion. He didn&quot..t bother with her socks, becausethey weren&quot..t in his way. Immediately the room smelled like Paula, her individual scent that every woman has. Shane&quot..s cock finished hardening in an instant. He stroked her outer lips, rubbing her pussy juice into the sesitive skin until the folds blossomed out. His fingers reached a little further and found the pool of hot juice seeping from inside her. He pulled it up and rubbed it on her swollen, hard clit. It grew longer, brushing his face as he licked at her right thigh. He was not really in the mood to continue with the seduction routine. He just wanted to get her ready so he could take her. He stood and ordered Sarah over to the couch. &quot..Lick her, suck her, get her ready for me, but don&quot..t you dare let her come.&quot.. He swatted Sarah lighty on the ass as she settled herself on the end of the couch. As Shane undressed, Sarah pushed a long finger deep into her friend&quot..s virgin pussy and felt the hot, tight velvet walls. Shane was going to love this, she realized, as Sarah no longer had the tiny twat she once had. Every few seconds Sarah would run her tongue quickly up to Paula&quot..s tiny nub. She got a second finger, then a third inside Paula. The way Paula rocked her hips up to meet Sarah&quot..s hand was delightful, as were her soft moans. &quot..That&quot..s enough,&quot.. Shane said. He grabbed Sarah literally by her tits and gave them a rough squeeze as he pulled her away from the juicy cunt of their friend. He took his place on the couch and glanced at Sarah, who was sitting back against the stone wall. Her face was covered in Paula&quot..s fluids, and she sat back to masturbate as Shawn and Paula fucked. As Sarah gently rubbed her clit and struggled to stay silent, Shane rammed all four fingers of his right hand into Paula in one movement. Paula&quot..s sweet cry of pain and surprise echoed in the silent basement. He withdrew his hand and lined his thick cock up with her leaking slit. With one quick thrust he was in her up to his balls. She gasped in pain and the corners of her eyes leaked as she tried to pull away. He held her shoulders down and pulled himself out of her. He quickly pushed back in, and she let out another grunt of pain. He did a few more of these quick hard thrusts, and eventually Paula&quot..s bloody pussy was stretched enough that the movements were bearable. That was when she finally realized that she could feel his head deep within her. Every nerve inside her tunnel was screaming with the sweet pain and pleasure of the huge cock chugging in and out of their sloppy depths. Shane pushed roughly in and out of her, his teeth never leaving her hard nipple. They raked across the top, causing an equisitely blinding pain. Feeling himself coming close, Shane reached down and quickly rolled Paula&quot..s clit between his thumb and finger. Her hips bounced off the couch to meet
his, and her already tight walls contracted even more around his dick as she climaxed. She moaned softly as her juices flowed around his cock and dribbled onto the couch. The sight of her coming proved too much for him as well, and he grabbed her hips to hold her still as he buried himeself in her up to the hilt. When he was as deep as he could go he came, filling her with his thick cum. It leaked out the cracks between his still stiff rod and her spasming pussy. He pulled out of her and left her gasping on the couch. He sank to the floor beside the couch and waited for Sarah to crawl over like the whore she was. She kneeled before him, carefully taking his spent dick into her mouth, licking it clean. As she did so, delighting in the mixed tastes of her boyfriend&quot..s salty cum and her friend&quot..s sweet pussy juice, he frigged her clit for just a few seconds to finish off the job she had started with her nimble fingers. She clung to his damn chest as her cunt spasmed deliciously. All three were sprawled in various positions in the basement when the phone rang. It was Shane and Sarah&quot..s friend Kyle, wanting to know if they had any interest in a hot tub party at his house that night. He was surprised that they wanted to bring that prude Paula along, but he didn&quot..t argue. Kyle always had wondered what she looked like in a bathing suit, or even less. But that&quot..s another story entirely.

The Birthday

It takes a whil to get to the sex and all but its worth it i promis so read it all befor you judge it please..Sean awoke on his 15th birthday with a grunt and a frown when he thought to him self &quot..another boring birthday where im ignored and forgotten. As he dressed and headed to the kitichen for breakfast he felt grumpy caus no one gave a danm for his birthday. Well that wasnt entirely true last year he got a new bag of sox and a happy birthday frome his mom and grandmother and was allowde to get a movie off paper view (how ever not the action movie he wanted beacus his sister Stephnie and brother James not to mention his mom was gonna watch too. so he was setteling for a commedy with Rob Shnider (The Animal) and that was it. but now this year he was determinded to have fun no matter what. Hed only moved into his home abought 9 months ago and befor he did he told his girlfriend (his first girlfriend) that he loved her and was the only one hed ever felt like this with. Well he was sadly dissapointed severl monthes after he finally got setteled and called her again. He asked her if she could reaturn his feelings for him her reply was a cool and calm &quot.. um not really caus your never around any more so not really&quot.. well he felt ruined and this was barly a mont ago and now he had no clue as to what a chang he was gona have on his 15th . Now sean wasnt exactly a verry attractiv guy he wasnt ugly. Not musically and well built he was 6&quot..3 feet and not slim not heavy either and 1 thing no one knew was that he had an 11 inch tool in his shorts and he diddnt even know he was way above averag for a 15 year old or any age for that matter. Now beacus he liked to wear baggy legged pants and looes shirts no one knew of his larg tool. He had been attending his school for a few months and was a little older than most in his grade hed failed 1st grade caus hed moved 3 times in 1 year so he was in 8th still and taller than all but 2 peopple at school including teachers so he caught a lot of hell for it abougth being stupid and failing 20 times and shit like that.he had a few friends not overly popular and only recently looking at girls at his new school beacus he was totally loyal to crystal (his first) and it never crossed his mind. But now he saw them and he thought wow. He was amazed at the attractive 13 and 14 year olds in his classes. Hed never imagined in a year and a half that hed be having erections in class caus of his girl friend befor and not many girls were developed then either. well he was now but still there was 1 girl in he especially admired.only sexually .Now hed never even as mutch as kissed his ex. They had tried once but it was at school and thay couldnt get away long eneuhg and he hadnt cared caus he just love to be with her. But this girle Monica wasnt hot but in no means ugly. He had soon discovered that he was more attracted to smaller girls abought 5&quot..3 or so with long brunet or black hair in perticular and nice sized brest not huge or tiny just eneughf for his hand to close around (he had a very larg hand caus of his maturity for his age) and he liked green eyes and hed hardly ever seen girls with green eyes caus he never looked untill recently and not many girls here had green eyes and he loved Monicas eyes light hazel green. Monicas eyes werent all he liked to look at she was 5 feet 4 inches with long dark brown hagging past her tight firm buttox. He liked the shape of her full lips and smell of her sweet arome as she brushed by him accasionally. He found him self staring through math one day at her breats only a slight hint of her nipples showing through her shirt and bra she was 14 years old and he was wondering why she was single.Well one day he pluked up just eneugh courage to ask her. He approached her when at her locker she spilled her books over the floor and he reached to help her when he noticed her verry shapely legs as she knelt to gather her things. then as she said thank you Sean blurted out so um why are you singel Monica? She frowned and said wanna rub it in too do you. Then she got up and stormed away to the bus to leave and as luck would have it out of the fiffty or so busses she rode his. he waited a few minutes as long as he could befor the bus left then he got on and set down beside her when she looked up from her book she said what do you want verry coldly. He felt a stab of guilt for what ever he did to hurt her and said &quot.. im sorry iv up set you but i dont know what iv done please im sorry what did you mean did i want to rub it in? She said oh im so sorry you obviouslly dont know so you decided to hit on me after a short giggle. Ok well every one sais a few years ago when i was at the creek a few men came alongh and i seduced them and now every one calls me a slut. She looke him in the eyes and said you can run away now im a little slut so run along. H said in a kind of caring voic what do you say happened im not big on rumers. She said your not like other guys your nice. Well what happend she said &quot.. is i went alon to the creek and there ws a coupple doing it well id never seen any one doing it not even my parents do it when im home. well as i finally left getting biored as they stoped and were only kissing after the guys…um his prick went limp so he only kissed.Well after i left my bush a boy saw me coming out hed been watching too and said ohh u slut you were screwing. So by time a few of his friends started to spread this fals rumor it becam i seduced 2 men and now im a little slut so thats it. Sean felt bad for her and said im sorry but i dont think you a slut. im attracted to you honestly but i dont consider u a slut. well ill se you later then Monica as she left the bust at her house.Well that was 2 days ago and now his birthday was comming up and he was gona ask her out. so after a grueling math class and a boring georgphery lesson he was in his favorit class language arts. He like this class for many reasons 1 he always got along with english teachers 2 he loved to read long novels and was always a head of every one in his class with reading points so he had a 98 A in this class and his 3rd reason was cuas he just enjoyed wrigthing but his favorit was beacus Monica sat next to him in this class.As MRS. Bradford said ok read your books for 12 minutes well of cours my book was 982 pgs long and id fineshed it a week befor as usual with me so i wrote Monica a note and it said ………. Monica today is my birthday and id love you to come with me to dinner to night as other wise ill be alone and bored so wil you please come with me ?…… He diddnt have a class with her again untill the next day in math so he diddnt see her till on the bus. Later on the bus he diddnt say any thing untill he droped his magazine on the other side of her. He said no il get it as she went for it and she said ok quietly as he rose he verry lightly brushed his lips over her lower right lip as he reaturned to his normal position she blushed her embarresment then he finally asked Monica will you come with me to dinner tonight please. She said &quot.. if you want me to id like that . He nearly laught of cours i want you to monica so please come with me. OK As she rose to get of he kissed her again letting this one linger on her top lif for a second then said ill be by at abought 6:30. 4 hours later he arrived at her door wearing his favorite black jeans whigt tea shirt and silk red and black and wight hawins style over shirt. She answered the dore and nearly lept at him as she saw him and they started to walk down the street. So where are we going to eat ? Well i like this small itallian place down the street but where would you like to go? Sean its your birthday you decid she said. Ok i think well have itallian. When they arrived he ordered the fedechiny alfrado and Monica orderes spegetti. after a quick meal rushed along by Sean they left. They walked around the little parck that was across from the reastureant for a while . Then Sean asked as they sat down on a bentch how did you get your parents to let you go out with a boy alone. Oh she giggled they think

im with a group of peopple at a friends birthdays party thed kill me if they thought i was out with a boy. Why would they he asked? Well they dont want a boy to do any thing to me thats all. Oh you mean any thing like this he said right befor he covered her mouth with his an kissed her best as he could scince it was his first time and all. She responded lightly kissing back with inexperience.He stoped a minute and said Monica i really like you. She said i like you too Sean. Then he kissed her again as he slowely slid his hand under her skirt resting on her upper thigh. She gasped Sean no i dont know if i can. Hes said me nither im as new at this as you. With that she kissed him and was soom rubbing her hand aginsed his hardning errection then she gasped. Your so big she stuttered. Really he asked. Yes she said iv seen my uncles once accidentally and hes like 7 or 8 inches and my ant told my mom he was real big yours is like 10 inches now. Wow is all he could say and then he kissed her again. He said my familly is out of town untill tomorrow night can you call your parents and see if you can stay over at a friends houes tonight? She at first wasnt sure she should but after a second she said ok i will.Later after hanging up with her dad Monica called up stairs i can stay. As she walked to the master bed room and entered through the door she said why are you only wearing boxers. Sean said caus im more comfortable that way now come her. She headed over to him and laid in his arms as he kissed her again while removing all her cloths other than her panties. Tho excited she said &quot.. dont Sean &quot.. however her arms were pullinbg his head to her mouth so she gave up and kissed him any way. He reached and held her breast in his hand if felt warm and silky he let out a soft moan and said you feel so good Monica. So do you. she replied shakily.Then he droped his boxers to the flore reaviling his 11 inch hard as a rock cock she said can i touch it please? He said ok please do. As she felt his cock it felt warm and she stroked it and soon was kissing it and then slowly wrapped her toung aroung the larg head. He moned &quot.. my god Monica that feels great. Then she slid 6 inches inside her mouth that was as far as she could go befor it nearly gaged her but Sean diddnt care when she stoped going deaper he realized she couldnt. Then as he felt himself starting to come he stoped her and said no not yet to himself. Now he pulled her up and into the bath room and drew a very hot bath. He said get in i want you to like this to not just me.She blushed and slowly slid off her panties and got in. He lay her back and begain to mesage her shoulders slowly moving to her nipplers. She let out a moan. Ahh that feels good Sean dont stop.Slowly still he rubed down toward her crotch and began mesagging aginsed her slightly haired lips and she was moaning ohh please it feels real good. Then he stoped and washed her entire body as he still slowly masgged her lags and arms as he went . then finally he lifted her carefully frome the water sliped her into his robe and carried her to the baed. Hed only seen 1 porno in his life caus he wasnt interested he only cared for his ex then. But the pornd was of a man eating a woman so he kinda knew what to do.Then as Monica felt totally relaxed and calm she fely Seans toung slide inside her damp pussy. He licked up and down and in and out befor daringly taking the tiny nob he new to be her clitioris into her mouth. She nearly screamed ohh thats it. Then she had her first ever orgasm. He savord the tast as her jucises flowed over his toung. Then he said as he moved atop her you liked that? She said oh yes. Ok now im going to make love to you ok? She said ok Sean be careful. slowly he slid hes fully erect cock into her ever danm pussy untill he felt a barrier that he knew was her cherry. He said ok im sorry Monica i know it hurts girls the very first time but itll only be for a minute. She said ok please be gentil. Then he pushed hard as he felt the barrier break followed by her cry of .. god it hurts so bad what did you do to me Sean. He said im sorry love ill be real careful. She was in real pain has he started to go in and out slowly but then almost as quickly as it had came the pain begain to fade into a new sense she diddnt know untill just a moment ago it was strang and new but she knew she liked it a lot and found she was thrusting back againsed him and said please Sean go faster. Sean then sped up quite a bit when then he said oh danm Monica im gonna squirt soon, im really comming. Then as she felt Seans hot seman shoot into her she realeased her orgasm and it was body raking. And as Sean felt Monicas pussy lips tighten over his cock as he realesed all of his cum he rolled off of her and pulled her atop him and said i love you monica and she could only pant and say and i love you too Sean.They lay in ther calm after sex for a few hours while ther hugged and rubed each other and wisped words of love and finally togather drifted off to sleep.Sean awoke to find his cock being sucked again by Monica and he asked why are you doing that now not that im complaing, then he came righ in her mouth she swallowed most of it but a tily bib spillrd to her chin and she liked it off. She said i rember how last night you gave me that wonderfull bath then liked my croch then brought me a mind shuttering orgasm and i only mad you come once i thought it wasnt fair thats all.He smiled and pulled her up to him hugged her close and said i love you monica and im real glad i made you happy becaus youv givven me the best birthday preasent iv ever had and im still amazed at the beautiful girl i have the luck of being inlove with. She said well you better realize it soon caus im gonna want you again and soon . With that he sat her up and had her starddle his cock and he slid it all the way in her as they rocked untill they both came and she layed atop him and they slept again. They woke up again an hour or so later and just layed together and than Sean said i think we should take a nother bath. Oh id love that she almost squeled. After the bath was ready he entered first and she slowly lowered her back to him and sat in his lap. They again told the other of thier love and bathed each other. Then he just held her close as they sit and again they dozed off. This time Sean woke up first and began rubbing Monicas stomach and tits. Then she awoke and moaned ..SEAN YOU FELL SO GOOD WILL YOU NEVER LEAV MEEEE PLEASEEE ….. He said ill never leav you i promis. Then very new at what he was gonna try he said can i fuck your ass? She said i dont know if youll fit but my cousin said it feels great so ill try once. He said ok and he raised her up for a moment. Then he positioned his erect fuck tool to her small arse pukered hole and slit the tip in. She said oh ow it feels like i have to go ow STOP I DONT WANT TO IT HURTS. He sais ok and was fixing to push her off when her hand sliped on the wet tub edge and she fell on him all 11 inches in her ass. First she cried out as if if hurt then said wait ahh. Sean a little confused caught on as she started to slide up and down on him so he help and thrust up. He said Monica you have a super tight ass it feels so good im cummminnng.AWWW YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as he came and as Monica fekt her ass being filled with his hot cum she came as well. After they rinsed off and got out and dressed in cloths that had lay forgotten last night and realized it was already 4:30 and his mom was due back at 5:00 he said ok Monica i would love to be with you but my familly will be back by 5:: so iv gotta take you home . Outside Monicas yard fence he kissed her as deeply as he could and then said good bye and each of them that evening made plans to sleep at a friends house the next day and meet at the creek . PART 2 COMMING SOONI hope you liked it it was my first and probberly not last i enjoyed wrighting as much as i do reading others if you like it e mail me at ( This is my grandmothers email not my choic im sorry im not gay)

Cousin leads me to 1st time sex

Nikki and I continued to keep constant contact, which isn?t all that hard seeing as though we live about 500 metres away from each other and we went to the same school. Anyways as you know (if not read Nikki and I More Than Friendly Cousins Part 1 inincest stories) Nikki and I are cousins who have slept together. The first school day after our little come together, pun intended, we met up at school, which was a little awkward, but we got through it. Nikki had a friend by her side by the name of Katie, who I had met on many occasions before and to tell you the truth, always had a little something for. Katie was the pinnacle of cuteness with her long blonde hair put into two platted, pigtails, with her cute blue eyes, with her tiny waist and her overall tininess. She stood at about 5 foot 6, whereas I was 5?11? so she came across as a little cutie to me, I dunno, something about her really got me hooked. Anyways Nikki brought up her next soccer game which was on the coming Sunday and she said that seeing as Katie was going to go and watch, that I should come to. I gave a quick yes and realized that I was about 5 minutes late for class and ran off in hope that I wouldn?t have to face the wrath of my enraged Biology teacher (which I did, oh well, it was worth it)Sunday came quickly and I soon found myself standing at the soccer oval watching Nikki?s team warm up when Katie walked across the oval and stood next to me?Hey Katie, you do realise this is going to be very boring don?t you???Yeah but to tell you the truth I only came to get away from home… we?ve got cleaners around?Anyways we just talked for a bit while the game started and Nikki?s team did what they always do, win, and by a lot. They were so under graded but it?s irrelevant right now. Anyways half time came and I went over with Nikki?s drink bottle to the team talk while Katie was on the phone. Nikki took the drink, poured it on her head and spoke?Ask her out, she likes you, that?s why she?s here?I froze, looked at Nikki and spoke myself, shocked ?Serious? Have fun, see ya at full time?I remember walking off leaving Nikki who was taunting me yelling ?DER!!!? over a few timesKatie had finished her phone conversation and was sitting on the ground in her blue skirt with cut off at the waist, black tank top thing with her hair platted and in pig tails as usual when I made my way back to the sideline. I sat next to her and pretended that I was looking at my phone but was really looking to the side to find that she was looking at me with a smile on her face. I heard the whistle blow and the girls kick off so I watched the game for a little while before turning to Katie and speaking?So what you up to tonight? Wanna join me down the soccer? Kick off?s as 7: 30??You mean like a date?? ?I guess so yeah??Then yeah I would love to?ALRIGHT!!! Anyways we went down the soccer and had a great time so I invited her back to my place, you see my line of thinking was that seeing as though mum and dad were at a friend?s place watching the English soccer on the massive screen (kick off at like midnight meaning I had the house to myself until like 3 in the morning) I could invite Katie back and for the first time being with Katie without 50 other people around. We arrived at my house, went to the living room, Katie sat down and put the tele on while I got us both drinks. I handed Katie her drink and was about to sit down next to her when the phone rang. I walked to the phone and picked it up to hear Nikki on the other end?How?d your date go Danny… you get any???Haven?t had a chance, every time I try to, SOMEONE RINGS ME!!!??Settle down Dan, just be careful with her, she?s my best friend and I really don?t want to have to stand in the middle of a feud between you two??Ha! Ha! Ha! Don?t worry Nikki, I?m not going to do anything, it?s the first date, I really like her and I don?t want to scare her off?I turned around to see Katie was standing there… (the words that ran through my head at that moment were OH SHIT) Katie took the phone off me and spoke?Hey Nikki, it?s Katie. Dan can?t speak right now, he?s got my tongue in his mouth?I heard hooting coming from Nikki as Katie handed me the phone to hang up as she put her hands around my neck and pushed herself upon me. Oh well, so what if I lied to my cousin? I had her best friend?s tongue in my mouth, Nikki would just have to learn to live with it. I soon found myself sitting on the lounge with Katie sitting on my lap kissing me with her chest pressing against mine with my crotch pressed against her ass. Katie pulled away and stood up. She took my hand in hers and lead me to my bedroom, after I gave her directions) She sat me down on the edge of my bed and took her top off and sat back on my lap, facing me with her legs spread over mine. She whispered the words every man wants to hear into my ear?You wanna have sex??I looked into her eyes and put my hands around her hips and playfully pushed her onto the bed and quickly leant over her and said?Yup?I took her bra off and felt dizzy as she pushed my head onto her right breast, allowing me to suck her nipple. She started to giggle and pushed my head away and took my shirt off. I shuffled backwards on the bed and lifted her legs up off the bed and removed her skirt and went for the panties which also found themselves removed from Katie. So there I was, just inches away from a bacon strip shaved pussy that looked better than my first pay check. I slowly lowered my head and licked up and down with my tongue which brought about a cute moan from Katie followed by a call of ?Stop, Stop, Your turn?I backed off allowing her to sit up and smile. She grabbed me and threw me down and went straight for my shorts which didn?t stand a chance against the busy hands of Katie. She slid my boxers down past my ankles and twirled them above her head like a lasso on one finger and threw them across the room. She looked at me and smiled before brushing her hair to one side, opening her mouth wide and licking up the shaft of my penis. I sat up and looked down as Katie?s cute, little head started bobbing up and down on my penis as she sucked slightly. I tilted my head back and started to breathe heavy before telling Katie to stop. ?So how do you want to do this? This is my first time so I?? ?You lay on your back Katie and we?ll take this really slowly. If it hurts, tell me, I?ll stop, we?ll try something else. And yeah this is my first time too??But I thought you slept with Nikki??Just oral sex…??Great, so I?m your first?? ?You sure are?Katie lay flat on her back with a smile on her face and her legs spread as I positioned myself over her. I pressed the very top of my penis gently against her opening and put my hands on her hips and very slowly entered her. She gave a small grimace of pain which was followed by a smile and a giggle. I slowly pushed further in as I did not want to hurt her, and soon found myself halfway into her. She put her hands on my back and put her head back onto my pillow and pushed herself down just enough to push me about three quarters of the way into her. My eyes slowly closed as she tightened around me until I woke back up with a shock?A CONDOM!!! We can?t have you getting pregnant??I?ve got one in my skirt pocket??How long have you had this planned? And where did you get that from???Since you asked me out. Mum gave it to me just in case I ever need it. She said she knows I?m going to have sex one day, so might as well ensure it?s safe?I slowly withdrew from Katie and took the condom out of Katie?s skirt pocket and put it on. She started laughing before pointing to her pussy and saying ?insert Dan here? which is exactly what happened. She bit down on her bottom lip as I slowly slid in and out of her tight opening trying VERY hard not to hurt her. I pulled back a little and sat up on my knees and lifted her up onto my lap and rested her perfect ass on my knees and pushed further inside her. She bucked suddenly and reached up with both arms, hooked me by the shoulders and pulled m
e back down and pushed my head into her neck which I kissed. She yelped and started moving her hips quickly… she was really getting into this as was I. She pushed me back and rolled over and was now on top of me. She started controlling the pace, which was getting quicker with every movement of her hips. I had hold of her waist and was really in heaven as she started calling out my name.She bucked once more and bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes and really, REALLY tightened up before yelping that she was coming. Those words were all I needed and I soon found myself joining her. I did not take my eyes off her cute face as she bit down hard on her bottom lip and struggled for breathe, and did not look away until my state had returned to normal, about 45 seconds later. She flopped on top of me and put her head on my chest trying to regain her breathe. She rolled off me and then onto her stomach, half leaning off the bed and gave a sigh of pleasure. I rolled over and put my hand on Katie?s shoulder and whispered into her ear?Good, hey??She rolled over onto her back and looked up at me and said ?Yup?We both got dressed and sat down in the lounge room and watched the soccer with her leaning across me with my hand around her shoulder. After the game I wrote mum and dad a note explaining to them that Katie was staying over so they wouldn?t freak out when they saw her in the morning and then we hit the bed. We spent about twenty minutes talking and kissing before falling asleep in each other?s arms.

After school

Tommy stared out the class room window, his mind a thousand miles away from the from &quot..Silas Marner&quot.., the seventh hour literature assignment for the day. His reverie was shattered by the sharp crack of Miss Parsons&quot.. voice, &quot..Tommy, will you please pay attention, I know this isn&quot..t the easiest assignment, but please try to keep your mind on the subject at hand!!!&quot.. &quot..Yes ma&,&quot.. he mumbled, while again turning his gaze to the blue cloud filled sky. Mercifully the bell ending the period rang, and twenty eight juniors shuffled out the door and off to their next class, all that is except Tommy, who was detained by Miss Parsons before he could make his escape. &quot..Sit down please,&quot.. she asked, while motioning to the seat in the front row, & you haven&quot..t been yourself for over a week now, and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help you?&quot.. Tommy, now feeling more miserable than ever, just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, &quot..There&quot..s nothing anyone can do.&quot.. &quot..Well,&quot.. she replied, &quot..I want to see you in here after school and we&quot..ll see if we can get to the bottom of this, now off to your last period class!&quot.. Hurrying down the hall, Tommy thought, &quot..Christ, that&quot..s all I need, meddling by a dumb teacher!&quot.. He barely made to his eighth period social studies class and thankfully, for the next fifty three minutes his mind was off his problem.At exactly 3:45pm Tommy entered Miss Parsons&quot.. class room where he found her busily correcting some papers from the day&quot..s assignments. She had her head downand didn&quot..t realize he was there, so he cleared his throat, startling her a little, but she quickly regained her composure and said, &quot..Good, I&quot..m glad you made it, now maybe we can get to the bottom of this, please sit down,&quot.. while she went over and closed the door. Returning to her desk, she sat down, leaned forward and asked, &quot..Now, Tommy, tell me exactly what&quot..s been bothering you, your grades have slipped, and you& not paying any attention in class!&quot.. &quot..Well, Miss Parsons, I uh, well, I don&quot..t know exactly where to, I mean……&quot.. &quot..Now how am I going to help you if you don&quot..t tell me what your problem is,&quot.. she asked, &, let&quot..s get down to it, what is bothering you!?!&quot.. &quot..Well, it&quot..s Cheryl, my girl friend, you know her right,&quot.. he stammered? &quot..Yes, I know her, she&quot..s a lovely girl, what does this have to do with her,&quot.. asked Miss Parsons? &quot..Well, she&quot..s afraid to, I mean, she wants to but when she saw it, well……..&quot.. &quot..Tell me, what is she so afraid of, Tommy,&quot.. she demanded!?! &quot..Well, we both want to do it, but she&quot..s afraid to,&quot.. replied a red faced Tommy! Miss Parsons was now getting the picture and said, &quot..Oh, I see, Cheryl thinks she&quot..s too young, and isn&quot..t ready for sex, am I right???&quot.. &quot..Uh, no, not exactly,&quot.. Tommy stammered on, &quot..she wants to all right, but well, she thinks I&quot..m too big for her!&quot.. Miss Parsons smiled at the embarrassed lad and replied, &quot..That&quot..s understandable for a young girl Tommy, they& so inexperienced that the first time they& very afraid!&quot.. &quot..It isn&quot..t that Miss Parsons, she says I&quot..m freak, and no girl will ever let me, you know, do it with them,&quot.. he almost cried! &quot..Nonsense young man, I&quot..m quite sure that you are a normal young man who is letting the ravings of an inexperienced young girl get the better of him,&quot.. scolded Miss Parsons!!! He shook his head slowly back and forth, and replied, &quot..I don&quot..t think so, she seems pretty sure about it!&quot..Now an exasperated Miss Parsons stood up and walked around to the front of her desk and stood directly in front of Tommy and said, &quot..All right, Tommy, I&quot..m going to prove to you once and for all that what Cheryl is giving you is nothing but a line of pure bunk, as an older woman I have on occasion had the opportunity to see the penises of many young men, and I can say for a fact, that they all looked pretty much the same to me, now to prove this too you, I want you to stand up and show me your penis, and that will be the end of it, I can quickly tell you if there is anything to what Cheryl has been telling you!!!&quot.. Tommy turned six shades of red and started to protest, but Miss Parsons quickly cut him off and ordered him to stand up! He stood up with his face looking at the floor, too ashamed to look his teacher in the eye, and began fumbling with his belt buckle. &quot..Come on Tommy,&quot.. she implored, &quot..let&quot..s get this over with so you can go home, and I can go back to correcting my papers!&quot..Finally his jeans slipped down around his ankles leaving him standing there in his light blue boxer short while Miss Parsons was tapping her foot on the floor, obviously anxious for him to get his shorts down so that she could get back to work. Finally, not able to wait any longer she said, &quot..My goodness, Tommy, let me do it for goodness sakes, we don&quot..t have all day here, and with both hands she reached out and with a hard tug jerked his shorts down by the elastic waist band. Even Tommy could tell from the look on her face that Cheryl was right, because her mouth was open and moving but no sound was coming out! The reason for Miss Parsons&quot.. muteness hung between the skinny thighs of the eighteen year old junior, a cock the size of which she had never seen, hanging semi hard, with a drop of precum hanging from the tip, she guessed that it was at least eight inches long, and it wasn&quot..t even full erect!!! Her vagina immediately began to cream at the sight of the massive maleness, while her mouth went dry, and her nipples grew hard inside of her lacy white bra. &quot..See,&quot.. he fairly wailed, &quot..I can tell from the look on your face that Cheryl is right, no woman will ever let me touch her!!!&quot.. Partially regaining her numbed senses, Miss Parsons pulled her stare from the boy&quot..s crotch and looking him in the eye replied, &quot..Oh no, Tommy, you have a beautiful penis, it is rather large, but most women would adore having their vaginas filled with such a huge erection!&quot.. &quot..Oh, you& just saying that to make me feel better,&quot.. he said sadly, & one wants me, or ever will!!!&quot.. &quot..Oh, Tommy, you& so wrong,&quot.. she implored, &quot..and just to prove it to you, I&quot..ll show you my own vagina to let you see how wet you& made it!&quot.. Lifting up her skirt, Miss Parsons pulled down her panty hose and panties in one motion, exposing a very hair pussy, its lips covered with cream from her obviously excited cunt. Just seeing the brown furred lips made Tommy&quot..s pecker snap to its full length of ten inches, with its circumference as thick as her wrist. Her head was now spinning, and her clit began to take control of her, which by now was throbbing, begging to be taken by the big stud prick! It didn&quot..t matter anymore who was the teacher or student, all she knew was that she had to have this thick cudgel in her mouth, and then in her weeping cunt. &quot..May I touch it,&quot.. she asked, with a hint of desperation in her voice?!? Tommy sensed right away that his big pecker held his teacher in its control, and that she would do almost anything to have it, so boldly he offered, &quot..Touch it with your mouth, bitch, and be quick with it!!!&quot.. The rough talk coming from the young boy was music to Miss Parsons&quot.. ears!!! Down on her knees she went, taking the egg size head into her hungry mouth, letting her tongue roam all over its massive smoothness! In a matter of a few seconds Tommy&quot..s pecker lurched and then unloaded into the hot mouth of his bitch teacher, groaning loudly, she accepted his creamy gift with great appreciation!!! Tommy was in absolute heaven, when all at once the corrido

r door swung open and in strode Miss Williams, the old biddy math teacher from down the hall. She stopped in her tracks, almost as if electrocuted, at the sight of the young lit teacher on her knees with a gigantic erection in her mouth! &quot..Uh oh,&quot.. thought Tommy, &quot..I&quot..m in for it now!!!&quot..&quot..Miss Parsons, just what do you think you& doing,&quot.. intoned Miss Williams!?! &quot..I&quot..m sucking Tommy off, ma&,&quot.. replied Miss Parsons, pulling her mouth away from Tommy&quot..s meat just long enough to answer the old math teacher, while a Tommy couldn&quot..t believe it when instead of jumping to her feet, Miss Parsons calmly returned her warm mouth his pecker and resumed sucking it!!! &quot..Well,&quot.. retorted Miss Williams, & least you should have the brains to lock the door!&quot.. &quot..I know, but once I saw this magnificent erection, I just kinda lost my head and went down on it,&quot.. replied Miss Parsons, see how beautiful it is, look at the head, smooth and soft, just like velvet!?!&quot.. &quot..You& Tommy Parker, aren&quot..t you,&quot.. asked Miss Williams, while staring at his fully erect organ? &quot..Yes&quot..m,&quot.. he replied, still a little confused with the situation he found himself in. &quot..Well, Tommy,&quot.. asked Miss Williams, &quot..have you ever stuck your erection into a woman&quot..s vagina?&quot.. &quot..No ma&, my girl friend is afraid to,&quot.. he answered quickly. Miss Williams looked at Miss Parker and said, &quot..Margaret, I want to be his first, is that okay with you?&quot.. The way she said it, was obvious that she was the boss, and Miss Parsons would do what ever the old woman wanted her to. &quot..Yes, Melinda,&quot.. answered Miss Parsons, &quot..he&quot..s a very talented young man, I&quot..m sure he will satisfy your every need!&quot.. Tommy looked on with utter fascination as the older woman removed all of her clothing, the last thing being her bra, which encased two huge breasts with large rubbery nipples. Her body was out of shape compared to a younger woman, but Tommy had to admit that her full voluptuous curves were very erotic indeed! Miss Parsons cleaned off her desk and Melinda Williams lay down on her back with her legs spread wide apart, exposing a very hairy pussy that was once brunette, but now mostly gray. &quot..Margaret, get me ready please,&quot.. ordered Miss Williams, and an obedient Miss Parsons didn&quot..t say a word, but slid between the full fleshy thighs and began tonguing her colleague in her hairy crack! Tommy was now stroking his meat in time with the slurping sounds emanating from the wet cunt of the math teacher, and after several minutes of sucking, Melinda pushed Miss Parsons away and told Tommy to take her place between her legs. &quot..Okay, Tommy,&quot.. she said, & mama what a big strong stud you are, and fuck her pussy hard!!&quot.. Miss Williams cunt fur was matted down from all the pussy juice, so her slit was clearly visible to his young eyes. He slowly worked the head of his cock into her cunt, adjusting his position so as to get the perfect angle for attack! When the head was just inside of her, she ordered, &quot..Now Tommy, bury it in all the way, and hurt mama&quot..s little cunt with your big hard cock!&quot.. Tommy didn&quot..t need another invitation, and with one mighty thrust rammed his virgin rod deep into the old woman&quot..s dripping slit! &quot..Oh my god, Margaret, he&quot..s so fucking huge, he&quot..s ripping me wide open,&quot.. she groaned, while cupping and caressing her massive tits!!! Tommy had never felt anything quite so wonderful in his life! The inside of Miss Williams pussy was slick and smooth, and tight too, the combination of which in a matter of strokes caused him to release his load of cum deep into Miss Williams&quot.. hot vagina! &quot..Oh, Margaret, you were so right, he is magnificent, long, hard, and very thick, the nicest fuck I& ever had,&quot.. gushed a very satisfied Miss Williams! Miss Parsons leaned over and gave Miss Williams a deep kiss on the mouth and said, &quot..I hope you enjoyed it, Melinda, I hope we can do it again soon!&quot..After everyone had dressed, Miss Williams pulled Tommy aside and said, &quot..Young man, I think that you will need another session tomorrow after school, don&quot..t you!?!&quot.. &quot..Yes ma&,&quot.. a very happy Tommy replied, &quot..tomorrow will be fine!&quot.. &quot..And Tommy,&quot.. Miss Parsons added, & you think you can pay attention in class tomorrow!?!&quot.. &quot..Yes ma&,&quot.. he laughed, &quot..I&quot..ll definitely pay attention tomorrow!!!&quot..

Some first times should happen all the fucking time

The cheerleaders at high school were the source of my first orgasms. But I never touched them. Their nudity-with-pom-poms was all in my mind. My newly-found-to-be-sensitive and sensationally-pleasuring cock was all in my hands during those early years.Indeed, my sex was never actually tactile, other than self-tactile, until my sophomore year in college. My first non-solo sex wasn&quot..t with any cheerleader, but it remains a memory so intense and erotic that five years later it still provides the inspiration in those times when self-tactile is the appropriate (read, &quot..only-available&quot..) option for getting off.So how did I get my first piece of ass? And what made it so fucking good?The answer, in a word: &quot..Nipples.&quot.. In fact, if every woman had nipples like THE nipples, Osama bin Laden would have had 500 kids instead of 50. Not that that&quot..s a good thought, because 50 offspring spreading his genes around is 50 too many — but what I&quot..m saying is that every Y-chromosomed human, even one with a congenital brain defect, would get the hard-on of hard-ons and the orgasm-of-orgasms by enjoying these nipples-of-nipples.And now for the confession, my first fuck wasn&quot..t with a woman and her cunt. Aha, now they think I am a fag. If not a cunt-fucking cunt-licker right out of the box, he must be a cock-loving cock-sucker, who prefers not the front-and-center female box but the back-side cock container — right?Wrong.Yes, those who jumped to the conclusion that my incredible first experience was a homosexual experience are wrong, wrong, wrong. No, I was not talking of rock-hard nipples as a metaphor for rock-hard gay cocks. So, don&quot..t jump ahead of the story, and don&quot..t jump my bones if you have a boner instead of a beaver!Okay then. Back to THE nipples and THE woman who owns and maintains them. Her name is Judy, and the names of the nipples are … well I don&quot..t know, but I do know that most women with great breasts and/or great nipples give them names. Usually something like &quot..Roxy on the Right&quot.. and &quot..Lusty on the Left,&quot.. not &quot..Hooter 1&quot.. and &quot..Hooter 2,&quot.. as most guys would use for reference.Judy&quot..s nipple support system (her breasts) are the foundation for these feminine peaks of perfection. They are rounder, and almost as big it seems, than even Mother Earth, which is an oblate spheroid as we all know. Judy&quot..s special female globes are ripe grapefruits, ripe cantelopes, the freshest and best-tasting mellons of any variety. And these breasts, like all foundations, are the most important part of any well-designed and well-built structure.But atop all masterpieces of artistic construction are pinacles of inspiration. And how these nipples inspire! As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in &quot..Winter Dreams,&quot.. they are a vision that many men will carry with them well into midde age. Those that loved them will always love them, but they will have only known them for a nanosecond click of the natural atomic clock that has recorded 14 billion years as the Universe was built.Judy and those nipples were only 19 years old at the time of my story. Although life is shorter than the drop rate of even one grain of sand through the cosmic hour glass, nothing diminishes the ethereal importance of the nipples of which I speak, and on which I would have sucked for another 14 billion years.Anyone that ever did would too. They are that fucking incredible.Way better than anything you will ever see in National Geographic, of course, and even better than anything you will ever see in Penthouse. Some say that men read National Geographic and Penthouse for the same reason — to see places they will never be. But for me, I was there. I had the Everest Climb, the Saturn Five Moon Launch, the Columbus Voyage, of Great Nipple Adventures.No, I did not take any snapshots to prove it, but I truly was THERE man!And now because you& insisted on some kind of proof about this nipple odyssey, I won&quot..t tell you ALL the details. I&quot..ll skip ahead to the bra coming off. Yes, because you pissed me off asking for pictures, you are going to miss some great preamble erotica. But I&quot..m not pissed enough to leave out the grand finale. To return:Like two mountains on the distant horizon, the beautiful breasts wrapped in 38-D Italian silk were visible through the clouds and haze as I looked up from between her legs while she lay back on the brass-railed bed. What a discovery this explorer was about to make as he kissed his way along quivering flesh.Then, there they were. I&quot..d swam continent-to-continent across the ocean. I&quot..d crawled across the Sahara Desert. I&quot..d found the elusive and child-proofed hook that those crafty Italian bra builders invented to thwart the novice. But Edison turned on his light and I saw the trick. I made my move, as if I&quot..d done it 14 billion times before, instead of never before, and the bra was open.I removed it with a seasoned deftness that came not from years of experience but probably because the vagus nerve that connects the cerebral with the cardiac had slowed my heart into near suspension during the suspense. And uncovered, the breast shapes never changed! Without the bra, they were still more-perfect molds than any potter could turn or throw. The 6-inch bullet-proof glass had been removed from the Mona Lisa, and I was about to make love in the Louve.Exact symmetry, let alone perfection even asymmetrically, is rare, practically never. But there they were. Both with breasts and with nipples. Now when you& been so close to such wondedrous breast/nipple combos, it makes it hard to get hard for the more usual pancake-style mammories that some men refer to as &quot..beaver-tail tits.&quot.. And don&quot..t get me wrong, Judy had (still has I&quot..m sure) a very nice beaver, but you really have got to hear about the nips.These nipples could hold a balatta-covered Titleist while I drove 1600 yards on the lunar surface. Alan Shepard used a 5-iron. I&quot..m about to use my 7-inch putter.And I was surprised to near pre-ejaculation, because for my first fuck, she wanted a TIT FUCK. She BEGGED for a tit fuck. I succumbed. I came. I came. I came.The way she encased my cock by squeezing her breasts so hard, I was actually mostly in contact with those large, hard nipples. But for this first time, when my erotic contact was not just a fantasy grip on my mind, but real-woman contact, it wasn&quot..t just my cock contact and mutiple orgasms that got me so sexually satisfied. With her huge NE&quot..s (&quot..nipple erections,&quot.. as women refer to the phenomena as they move to chilly and/or erotic environments), she achieved, to my extra thrill, the MO factor at clit site with just a tit fuck. With her pussy dripping and her face covered in a Great Lake of cum, she whispered (I&quot..d like to think that it was my cock-to-nipple pounding that knocked the wind out her and made her whisper), &quot..Where&quot..d you learn to ball like that!?&quot..I couldn&quot..t even choke out a response, and I don&quot..t think she would have believed it was my first time. But I have my voice back after a 5-year recovery period, and I can now shout, &quot..Judy, your never-equalled nipples gave me a first-time experience that proves to me now, evidenced by my longing for reverse travel in time, that both economics and sex can be ruled by the law of diminishing marginal returns.&quot..More simply, and most sincere, &quot..Judy, I thank you, and if there is an eternity of any duration, I will still be thanking you.&quot..

My first. My best.

When I was 12 I lived in Cayce, South Carolina. It was mid summer and school was out. It was one of those rare summer days when the temp was only around 80 and the humidity was real low. A gentle breeze rustled the trees softly as I went walking through the woods behind our house. I came to the railroad tracks and followed them aimlessly just enjoying being a young boy out of school and free to roam. Just as I had gotten to the tracks, a young black man of about 25 fell in beside me walking the same way. I wasn&quot..t scared, for I had seen him walking in the woods as well on several occasions and he had never bothered me. We started talking about about little things: where did I go to school, how long had I lived here. The usual small talk that strangers share when they first meet.When we came to the tressle, he said he was going to take a swim. He stripped all of his clothes off and waded into the water. I couldn&quot..t take my eyes off of his beautiful body. He was a very light brown, with natural muscle tone and smooth, hairless skin. The cock that hung between his legs was the largest and most beautiful organ I had ever seen. Better than all the dicks I snuck peeks at in gym.He saw me watching his cock and gave a soft laugh and small smile. He swam on his back so that his cock was where I could see it laying across his flat stomach. I never took my eyes off of that love rod, for though I had no experience with male sex, i was extremely interested.After swimming only a few minutes, he came back to shore and stood in front of me. His cock stiffened and grew as i watched, and soon was almost touching my chin. He put my hand around his stiff rod and slowly moved it back and forth, stroking it from base to shaft. After a very short period I had the rythem down and he no longer needed to guide my hand. Soon his hot cum was dripping down the side of my face and my arm. When he was finished spending his load, he knealt in front of me and slipped my shorts and underwhere down to my ankels. When he first pulled me into his mouth I thought i would explode right there. He worked my small cock slowly however, and made me last for what seemed like hours before he finally let me trickle my small load over his warm and moist tongue. He walked away as I was washing my clothes and hair in the creek, and I never saw him again, but i will always remember my first, and best.

First Day at School

I had just changed to ninth grade and it was my first day in school. I had done a lot of preparations in the morning and I told my mom that I might be late. When I got off the bus I found out that my classroom was in the new building they had built during the summer. I went in and found out that the new place was quite cool. The classes had locking doors and the doors didn&quot..t have glass over them. I found my class and went in. the kids were not new to me but the teachers were. Most of them were middle aged boring creatures. However when the last lesson came I found out that the math teacher wasn&quot..t that bad at all. She was a young black brunette with brown eyes and spectacles. She was wearing a blouse with jeans. Her name was Miss Kent.Now I had always been good in math so I got to answer all the questions she asked. I felt that she was interested in me. When the bell rang I got up and went out with the other kids. When I was halfway home I suddenly noticed I had left my cap in the classroom.I turned and went back. When I entered I asked the guard if the place was open. He said there was a teacher there. I went up the stairs and pushed the door. To my surprise I found it closed. However I heard noises inside. I knocked and tried the door again. Suddenly the lock turned and the door opened. Behind it, to my surprise was my new math teacher. &quot..I left my cap here, could I get it?&quot..&quot..Oh sure,&quot.. she said letting me in.I went over to my desk and found my cap. As I was getting ready to leave she said, &quot..Are you in a hurry?&quot..&quot..Not at all,&quot.. I answered wondering what she could want of me.&quot..I thought you could sit here with me for a while?&quot..&quot..All right,&quot.. I said bewildered.She pointed me to a chair, I sat down and she sat down opposite to me. She smiled at me and said, &quot..You& quite good at math.&quot.. &quot..Well I guess so Miss Kent.&quot..She looked at me with that pleasant smile. I tried to continue the conversation, &quot..Why did you close the door?&quot..I felt a slight blush pass over her face.&quot..You really don&quot..t want to know.&quot..I felt strange thinking of what she could have been doing behind a closed door that I wouldn&quot..t want to know. However I felt she was getting friendly with me so I said, &quot..You know you& really beautiful.&quot..She smiled even more and said &quot..Thanks. Do you really like me?&quot..&quot..Yes.&quot..&quot..You know I really like you too.&quot..I just smiled at this feeling that the conversation was going quite easily. &quot..I wanted to ask you, do you think there&quot..s something wrong with us talking like this? I mean I&quot..m a teacher and you& a student.&quot..&quot..No, Miss Kent.&quot..She smiled again, &quot..Just call me Laura.&quot..&quot..Ok. You know I&quot..m Mike, don&quot..t you?&quot..&quot..Yes,&quot.. she paused for a moment, &quot..Mike do you really want to know what I was doing before you came?&quot..&quot..Well if it&quot..s not personal…&quot..&quot..Well, it is personal, but I&quot..ll tell you… I was masturbating.&quot..I was taken aback by her last words. She looked at me and said, &quot..Come on, don&quot..t be shy, we all do it. You do it too some times, don&quot..t you?&quot..Her voice was friendlier than ever and I freely answered, &quot..Well sometimes…&quot..&quot..So do I. Tell me would you like me to do it for you?&quot..&quot..Well if you want to…&quot..&quot..Oh sure I want to. Come on lock the door.&quot..I got up and bolted the door. She got up too and unzipped her jeans. She looked at my erect dick and said, &quot..Why don&quot..t you take off your pants too, I see you have a big one.&quot..I did as she said and my dick hung out. She looked at it and I felt she was quite aroused. &quot..Have you ever seen a pussy?&quot.. she asked still in her panties.&quot..Yes, I once spied on my mother when she was undressing.&quot..She smiled at my words and pulled her panties down. Staring at it I said, &quot..My mom&quot..s got hair on it.&quot..&quot..Mine had too, I shaved it off. Don&quot..t you think it&quot..s sexier that way?&quot..&quot..Yeah.&quot..She sat down on a chair and pulled one close to her, I sat down on it. She then put her hand to her pussy and started rubbing it. I took my dick into my hand and started rubbing it. She looked at me and asked, &quot..Do you want to touch it?&quot..&quot..Oh sure.&quot..&quot..Come on, you can do what you like&quot..I put my hand on her thigh and moved towards her pussy. I touched it and played with it.&quot..Oh Mike put your fingers in it.&quot..I pushed my index finger in and felt the wet walls. &quot..Laura,&quot.. I said, &quot..Would you do me a favor?&quot..&quot..Oh anything.&quot..&quot..Could you take the rest of your dress off?&quot..&quot..Sure.&quot..She unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra. Her breasts were round and had little red tits on them. &quot..Mike, now you do the same.&quot..I took off all the dress I had. She looked at me and said, &quot..Mike, I want you to fuck me.&quot..My heart rushed at the thought of fucking her. I smiled and she lay down on the teacher&quot..s table. I got on top of her. &quot..Oh Mike fuck me slowly, ok?&quot..&quot..Ok baby.&quot..I pushed my dick into her pussy. &quot..Ah Mike, fuck me slow and deep. Ah Mike deeper.&quot..I pushed in as far as I could, I was in heaven. Below me she was moaning. I kissed her and went on fucking. Her black skin was all covered with sweat and was awfully warm. Her soft breasts were pressed under me. After ten minutes of it I was feeling the end was near.&quot..Laura.&quot..&quot..What is it?&quot..&quot..I&quot..m gonna cum baby.&quot..&quot..No, no please don&quot..t cum. I want more of it, please Mike…&quot..&quot..I can&quot..t hold it longer Laura.&quot..&quot..Oh please…&quot..&quot..I&quot..m sorry dear.&quot..&quot..Ok, just fuck me fast now till you cum.&quot..&quot..Ok.&quot..I pushed as hard as I could, thrashing my dick in and out. At last I came. For a moment we lay there panting. Then she said, &quot..Oh Mike that was the best thing I& ever done.&quot..&quot..Yeah.&quot..We dressed and I was getting ready to go out. &quot..Wait,&quot.. she said, &quot..I&quot..m going out too.&quot..Together we went home. On the way she said,&quot..Come on, I&quot..ll show you my place.&quot..We went and she showed me a small house.&quot..I live here all alone. Why don&quot..t you come over in the evening when your balls are full?&quot..&quot..Ok.&quot..We parted and I went home exited about all that happened

Small town*** Large Charge

I guess Dad started taking me to town with him to keep Mom off his case for stopping for a beer snd to chat with his old Cronies. The first few years were LOTS of fun. He&quot..d let me run the Street(singlular) ,While he drank 6 or 9 beers and shot up three bucks worth of pool balls.I would stay in site of the bar and help him to the truck or Drive it home which ever I could talk him into. I learned to SMOOCHie and dry hump before I was 11 but no one could get a hand in my pants ot I&quot..d break it off for them.(sometimes I wanted to let them but I had been warned by older girls that if they got a finger started it would lead to not being able to say NO when It counted or the next time and so on. I became known as Hot lips Hazel, and Woodie, Because the boys always walked home with a &quot..woody&quot.. (H.O.)After a few Kisses and zipper rides from me. OH yeah I saw a lot of naked PenI poking out het top of levi&quot..s and thru sweat pants. But I made them keep it out side my underware and usually my cut offs or shorts.I had gallons of Sperm pumped on me by nearly every guy from 10 to 18 in our county , over the next five years from Nine to Fourteen. My breasts were not Fab nor Huge but My Nipples had erect length unmatched in our 45 girl- student highschool grade school combined. Even the Lady teachers and Staff made off the wall comments about it GIRL TO GIRL stuff not nasty remarks. Mrs Dutton H/ec and Shop teacher Ask me one day if they ever got sore from being up nearly all the time . I answered &quot..OF Course&quot.. and she gave me some advice about a bandade then later she told me how much better the male attention span was in our shop class with my &quot..ANTI-Pasties&quot.. in place.Mom noticed and I told her what I was doing also. Five Seventh grade boys now seldome BUMPED into me with shoulders or hands. I had seen My dad get a &quot..BONER&quot.. when they popped up sometimes unexpectedly. Uncle Mich was only five years older than me and his Flag was Flying all thru our Haying season. I worked beside the men and stayed bale for bale with them untill it got to the top row 7 bales high and I couldn&quot..t even reach that high on my tip toes, Lit&quot..alone throw a 76 pound hay bale up and twist it into position from the floor of the wobbly old trailer. I fell into his arms once and my braless chest was in his hands and mouth as we crashed to the ground from the moving flat bed truck ,By the time we got finished rolling and grapeling to keep the Sharpe spiked hayhooks out of our bodies, He was greeted to my full glory of no top and six buttons of my super tight 501 cut offs ripped clean off of the fly. My lowest tummy was exposed to his face.including, the recient sparse crop of RED fur and a Tampax string dangling sweaty limp down my sun darkened thigh.He helped me retrive my shirt remnant from a distant stub of cut sapling the wrapped it to cover my brown spots. I made a tie of my bandana to close the front of my Shorts and we walked to the house to meet the truck and unload it at the barn. Mich never mentioned it to the others. I went in the house and changed &quot..everything&quot… His hands had felt very good as they touched me Accidently while helping me get re-arranged and later in the Dark barn as we waited for the next trailer of bales to be brought to us. I sat on his lap and Kissed him with as much power as I could put into it. His Poker was in my fresh shorts leg touching my naked clitours when I climaxed to the first Penis on my nudeity, even outside of me it was delicious tasting and feeling to slam small girl parts on his adulterous dong.We didn&quot..t work together anymore that season I think he was afraid we might go to far the nextime, He was scared shitless when he Shot cum up over my clitslit and it pooled in my navel. I wanted more that day but he got pushy and angry acting. Especially around his Fe&quot..anciee at supper time. Hay was finished on Saturday afternoon just as a Full scale Storm drove us out of the last Meadow to park loaded trucks in the barn to be worked later. He invited the whole CREW 9 of us to go for a beer. Except me of course. He did sneak me one out under his shirt and I shared it with Robbie Jinx the rake operator. He ask me if I let Mich &quot..NOODLE&quot..(HAND JOB) me in the barn. I told him NO F_N G**D***WAY . He said Dad had commented on the look in our eyes when they brought the Trailer up and He told Robbie it was Semen on my belly and legs, that the hay dust was clinging to. I told robbie it was my period and thats all. He Giggled at that and I stood up and removed the tampon right in front of his nose out of the leg of my old lose &quot..CHUTE shorts. He gagged at the sight of it. I bet he never saw that done again in his life. We kissed a while, his little whanger kept squiriting evertime I touched his bare belly with the back of my icey beer bottle chilled hand. I did let him touch a nipple and told him he could suck it but he chickened out. Dad got soushed to the gills that night, I had been driving for five years so it was no big thing to get him loaded into the pick up bed or the passenger seat to get him home, then leave him there to sober up till dawn. But this time he had to pee on the way home. He stood in front of the head lights flopped it out and pissed on the truck grill. I laughed so hard I had to go also. I went to the back of the truck and pushed my pants down to squat . His Erection was in my face, &quot..Put it up for me I zipped it in my zipper.&quot.. I took it in my hand but my body went into high gear as I tried to get the zipper down to release the tab of taught skin from the track.&quot..Jerk hard I can&quot..t feel any pain when It&quot..s hard&quot.. He put his hand on my head to steady himself as I pulled down harder.His relife was expressed in a large gob of creamy goo that went on my lips and face as he watched and appogized in a sober sounding voice. What happened next was scary as hell I opened my mouth and he slid it into me gently with his hand still on my head but he didn&quot..t force me at all I was already aiming for it with my tongue lifting it into my waiting lips. My hands were busy fumbling with a clit that was so slick and hard I kept loosing it between my knuckels. He went to his knees as the next climax hit us both unexpectedly for me. I laid him in the dirty road and mounted him with a protest that faded as he slipped inside the first inches and stopped on my madenhead. &quot..I can&quot..t do this Woodie! but I humped to wards his backbone to make it happen fast, never stopping to consider anything else. I finished us both with hot sludge filling me contentedly full and bubblie grumbels in my tummy. We stood and wiped at each others most messy areas but it was so dirty and sloppy we only made it worse. I drove us home and unlosded him but he walked on his own to the back door Thats where I hit him with the WATER SPRAY from the garden hose. He yelled out curse words and took the hose to soak me even worse than himself. He whispered to me as we wrestled for control of the hose&quot..Thank You and this was another good Idea of yours Mom will never guess a thing, Good cover&quot… I let it go unanswered and became terrified of the monster I had unleashed from the dungeons of his Bib overalls. Next morning was Silent time No work because it was raining hard. Mom got us started playing cards and even started a fire in the RED coneical deco-fireplace. Corn was popped for breakfast and we all just hungout in our unders or tee shirts all day. Mom ask me several times how the &quot..Visitor&quot.. was comming along. My last period had lasted two weeks. I reasured her it was normal and Grouchy time was upon us.No mention of the encounter was ever made again he didn&quot..t even Cop a tweek of my tips when they popped in the truck AC vent blast. He&quot..d hold his hand out to me and I&quot..d poke him with a point, for years, even mom was with us sometimes. Now we sat tensly staring at a Wrapped. More later…